About Gowandi
Gowandi is a social networking website to Connect With Friends and chat with friends, upload pictures, and share with the rest of the world.

Gowandi is a Social Network. As a social community we are connecting like minded people around the world through our events, meet ups or just online. Post photos, events, videos, music and more. Participate in the conversation on our world wall and more. Gowandi.com is an International Membership Social website! It’s a unique Social Network providing an outlet to post and find real time events in your area. This is the perfect Social Network for promoters to get their message to the world. No matter who you are or what your preference; Gowandi has you covered, with a wide variation of options... we have little bit of "something" for everyone! With our state of the art technology, Gowandi will help you find exactly what you're looking for! So if you are looking for one place to find “What’s Happening” in your area or around the world, Gowandi.com is the place. As an added Bonus, You’re your Buddy will help find other “Buddy’s” around the world that have similar interest. You Decide Who Sees Your Membership Information. Remember, this is a members only site, only members have complete access to your profile, your photos and content that you control. Is There a Free Membership Option YES. It is Totally Free to Join the Call Your Buddy Social Network and begin posting now. Member Benefits and Features • PRIVACY You Decide Who See's Your Information. Your Privacy is our Priority • DETAILED PROFILE You have the option to answer detailed profile information so other members can search for other like minded members • PHOTOS ,VIDEOS and MUSIC See and experience Real Member Photos, Videos, and music • MUSIC Post your music or enjoy Music posted by other members • EVENTS Any Member can post their own events such as private parties, club events, travel events or more on our EVENTS page including direct links and photos • MEMBERS WALL POST Members can hold discussions, Post Photos and Videos in real time, even from their mobile phones • BLOG Members can create their own blog to talk about their real life experiences • ADVANCE CHAT You can engage in real-time chat with other members who are online using chat. Members browsing from their smart phone can also chat with online members. • PAGES Create your own Page to showcase or promote you and/or your events • YOUR "PERSONAL" WALL OF CONTENT A private Newsfeed displaying your latest activities, comments, posts and shares • WHERE IN THE WORLD A Map the enables you to find other members and events right from your computer or smartphone. • MANY MORE FEATURES As you get familiar with Gowandi you will be amazed at everything it offers. https://www.Gowandi.com