Types of Parakeets, Parakeet Breed Information

If you are thinking of getting a parakeet, you might want to know the various breeds and descriptions.


There are various species or breeds of parakeets, hopefully, these listed below will help you in the selection when you purchase a parakeet.

Princess of Wales (P. alexandrae)

Originated in Australia, inhabits the dry grassland plains. This is a much-cherished bird, never wild, or shy and will eat from your hand. It is l5 inches long, and males have a brown and upper head of blue, neck, back and upper tail are olive, rump and lower back are blue, throat and chin are pink, and wings are bright green.

Barraband (P. swainsonii)

Originated in Victoria and South Wales likes to live near riverbeds and is almost l6 inches long. It is a good subject for an aviary, has lots of whistling and imitating talents. The colors are green on the head, upper throat and checks yellow, lower throat red, beak red, and iris are yellow-brown.

Rock Pebbler (P. anthopeplus)

Originated in Australia, it is l5 inches long and is the largest in size of the parakeets. It is prone to traumatic paralysis due to fright. The colors are yellow and olive, outer wings, feathers and tail black, large wings red, lower back and rump yellow, beat red, and the iris brown.

Crimson-winged (A. erythropterus)amd Timor Island Crimson-winged (A. jonquillaceus)-
Originated in New Guinea, Timor, Wetar Islands, and Australia is often found in huge flocks.
These are some of the most popular breeds of parakeets and among the hardiest. They can be kept in an aviary, are very tame, and also trusting.

Crimson-winged (A. ertythropterus erythropterus)

It originated in Australia, South Wales, and Queensland and is 13 inches long. The colors are leaf green, shoulders and back black, wing covers scarlet, rump blue, beak reddish, and iris red-brown.

New Guinea Crimson-winged (A. erythropterus)

Originated in Australia and New Guinea. The length is 12 inches long and the wing coverts bright red, with grey-black shoulders and back.

Timor Island Crimson-winged (A. jonquillaceus)

Originated on the Island of Timor and is 12 inches long. The front wing coverts are red, rear ones yellow, the underside of tail feathers black, and yellow edging on the longest ones.

Water Island Crimson-winged- (A jonquillaceus wetterensis)

Originated on the Island of Wetar. The wing coverts have only a minimum of red with some yellow. These are smaller parakeets.

King Parakeets (Alisterus)

Originated in Halmahera, Ambon, New Guinea, Seram, and Australia. Lives in the wooded area and is a long-living parakeet, some consider it to be the perfect bird.

Australian King (A. chloropterus)

It originated in New Guinea and is 14 inches long. These are very rare. The plumage is a bright green/yellow, underparts and head are dark red.

Amboina King Parrakeet (A. amboinensis)

Originated in Ceram and Ambon. Colors are green wings, blue rump, other plumage red, upper beak red with a black tip, and the lower beak is black. The voice of this parakeet is loud and screech, and their mating call is flute-like.

Pileated (P. spurious)

It originated in Australia and is 14 inches long. It is very shy and is often not a favorite. Colors are the red upper head, upper plumage green, yellow cheeks, breast and belly violet, center rump and under tail red, and the beak is horn-grey.