How to prevent annoying parakeet behaviors

This article discusses annoying parakeet habits and how to prevent them.


Parakeet Biting

When you have a parakeet that begins biting it is very important to stop this behavior before it becomes a habit. Parakeets will sometimes use biting to communicate with their owners. Perhaps the parakeet is afraid. If you are reaching into the cage to touch the parakeet or remove him from his cage he may bite out of fear. If you are bitten by the parakeet you must remain calm. Never hit the parakeet or yell at him for biting. These actions will just make the bird more fearful and the biting will probably become worse. By biting you he may be trying to tell you that he just wants some time alone. Sometimes over handling by the owner can cause the parakeet to bite. When the parakeet attempts to bite, just calmly walk away. By giving him his space he will learn to trust you and the biting will probably stop.

Parakeet Feather picking

Feather picking can be a real problem for parakeets and their owners. Feather picking makes your bird look unattractive and it can leave open sores on the bird that can become infected. Sometimes feather picking is just a behavior that your bird begins for no apparent reason. It is very important to stop the behavior before it becomes a bad habit. Once it has become a habit it will be a lot harder to deal with it. Sometimes though, feather picking can actually be due to a medical problem. It is important to rule out medical problems first before your parakeet becomes seriously ill. Skin infections, allergies, and other diseases can be ruled out by getting an avian veterinarian exam.

If your parakeet receives a clean bill of health from your avian veterinarian it is time to look for another reason why he is picking his feathers. Maybe your parakeet is just bored. Parakeets need to be kept busy with toys and interesting new things to do. There are many toys available at your local pet stores that are made specifically for parakeets. Change the toys every week or two to keep the parakeet entertained and happy.

Sometimes a parakeet will pick at his feathers because he is itchy. If this is the case, bathing may be the problem. Bathing too much or too little can cause the parakeet to become itchy. The parakeet should be bathed about once a week with plain warm water. Apply with a spray bottle and allow the bird to dry thoroughly before putting him back in his cage.

Poor nutrition can also cause a parakeet to pick at his feathers. You should always offer your parakeet a seed blend that is intended for parakeets. Never offer your parakeet table food.

Smoking can also cause the parakeet to pick at his feathers. Nicotine, one of the substances found in cigarette smoke, can accumulate on the feathers of the parakeet causing him to pick at his feathers. The smoke also bothers his eyes and nose causing him to be very uncomfortable and stressed. People should never smoke around parakeets.

Stress can also cause your parakeet to pick at his feathers. If you have moved your parakeet from his usual place he may feel insecure and stressed. He will need a few days to adjust to his new location. Keep his new area calm and quiet and in a few days, he will adjust to his new location.

If all your attempts fail to solve the problem, contact your avian veterinarian for further assistance and advice.