Coffee Groundnut Maize husk for cattle

Coffee husk is not palatable to cattle, and they can form only a small portion of rations fed to unproductive animals. Under acute scarcity or famine conditions,


Coffee husk

Coffee husk is

the cattle may be able to consume this feed, if they are fed after mixing them with cereal straws. Even for


maintaining animals, when this feed forms a part of the ration, the requirement of energy rich feeds will be more in order to make up the poor energy content of this husk.

Nutritive value

Coffee husk contains 7-8% crude protein. NDF and ADF contents are 60 and 49%, respectively. However, calcium and phosphorus content is 0.51 and 0.25%,   respectively.

Groundnut husk

Groundnut husk

Grounfnut husk is also unpalatable to cattle and poorer in nutritive value than rice husk and coffee husk. Milling of this by-product, and adding molasses and one percent urea to this ground product may improve its  palatability.


Maize husk

Maize husk

Maize husk is superior to even gram husk in its nutritive value. About 50% of the dry roughage portion in the rations of adult non-producing cattle can be replaced by this by- product.