Christmas gift ideas: For a pet bird

Have a relative or friend that has a bird for a pet? Here are some holiday gift ideas for this feathered friend.


Some people wake up every single morning to the chirping of birds that live in their homes.

Birds are wonderful and loving pets who express themselves with their chirping or, if you have a parrot, with their voices. They are highly intelligent animals who will sit on your shoulder, nipping gently at your finger, and let you stroke their feathered heads. If you have a friend or relative who boasts a bird as a pet, don’t forget his/her feathered friend during the Christmas holidays.

Like cats and dogs, birds need annual checkups, as well. While they do not need vaccinations each year, unless they attend bird shows frequently, a vet will check their droppings and sometimes take blood to test for diseases. For the holidays, get a gift certificate to a local veterinarian who specializes in birds for an annual checkup.

No matter what size bird your friend or relative has, it will need to have its nails clipped. Birds that live in the wild have tree bark to wear their nails down, but when they live in a cage, their nails continue to grow. If your friend has a large bird, get him some nail clippers used on dogs. If the bird is smaller, you can get him nail clippers used on humans. Like dogs and cats, birds nails will bleed if they are cut too close to the quick, so at a pet store, you can also ask for a coagulant designed for birds to help with bleeding.

At a local pet store, ask a worker about the type of bird feed designed for your friend’s specific breed of bird. Not every type of bird eats the same type of bird feed, so be sure to inquire about this. Get your friend a bag of bird feed for his feathered friend.

A bird’s cage is his haven so a great gift would be a perch or ladder for your friend’s bird to walk on. These perches and ladders are made from materials ranging from natural wood to plastic. Be sure to specify the type of bird you will be getting the perch or ladder for, so you get the correct size. Also, you may want to have an idea of how big your friend’s birdcage is, so you do not end up getting a perch or ladder that is too small or too big.

Any type of accessory for your friend’s birdcage would be a wonderful enhancement. Birds, much like Paris Hilton, love to stare at themselves in the mirror endlessly. Whether they are mesmerized by their own beauty or they want companionship from the bird in the reflection, a toy mirror will keep a bird occupied for hours. If you visit your local pet store, you will be overwhelmed with the number of toys designed for birds. There are plastic balls with bells inside for birds to ring and natural ropes lined with wooden blocks for birds to peck at, to name a few. Again, be sure to specify the type of bird your friend has so you buy an appropriate toy.

, Unlike cats and dogs, birds do not get put in the bathtub for a monthly bath. Instead, they are usually sprayed with a nice smelling mist to keep their feathers glossy and their bodies smelling clean. These inexpensive mists are great gifts for a feathered friend for the holidays.