The pros and cons of owning a parrot

If you're thinking of buying a parrot, here are some humorous pros and cons.


If you ’re  considering the possibility of adding a parrot to your family, there are a few things that you’ll need to know before you determine whether or not this is the best idea for your household.  Here are a few pros and cons to consider before making that final decision.

PRO:  Parrots make great topics of conversation.  In fact, they can make their own conversation!
CON:  Birdie heard some bad words and practices them on the Pastor, who has joined you for dinner.

PRO:  Your parrot isn’t always underfoot – he spends most of his time in the cage.
CON:  You forgot to trim his wings.  He escapes and spends the next 2 hours dive-bombing the dog.

PRO:  Parrots can actually be affectionate; it’s recommended that you pet them for ½ hour each day.
CON:  The bird didn’t get his quality time yet and repeatedly shrieks, “Help!”  The neighbor's dial 911.

PRO:  As a parrot owner, you have a beautiful exotic pet to show off to your competitive neighbor.
CON:  The bird has chosen this point in time to begin molting and looks like he got stuck in a blender.

PRO:  You can control the cleanliness of your parrot.  In fact, frequent bathing is recommended.
CON:  You stick the bird in the shower and he screams death threats at you.  The neighbor's dial 911.

PRO:  Most parrots won’t bite hard unless you ignore their “leave me alone” signals.
CON:  You haven’t heeded the parrot’s signals.  He finally nails your finger and yells, “Get it NOW?!”

PRO:  Parrots are very social creatures and love to have human interaction.
CON:  That bird hasn’t shut up all day, and you’re seriously thinking of letting him interact with the cat.

PRO:  A parrot will usually quiet down fairly quickly after the cover has been placed on his cage.
CON:  You cover the cage against his wishes.  He shrieks, “Help! Murder!”  The neighbor's dial 911.

PRO:  Your parrot can develop very convincing responses to certain triggers.
CON:  You fall and call for help. The neighbor's dial 911. Police refuse to humor that parrot again.

PRO:  Parrots like bright, shiny toys and can spend hours entertaining themselves without a sound.
CON:  You’ve begged and BEGGED that parrot to tell you where he put your keys.  He’s not talking.

PRO:  Parrots are entertained by the action on TV and learn lots of new words that way, too.
CON:  Your excited 4-year-old:  “Mommy, mommy, birdie learned a new word!  He said, ‘#$%@’”!

PRO:  A parrot has the ability to mimic any sound with great clarity.
CON:  You hear loud machine gunfire.  You and your dinner guests hit the floor.  The parrot giggles.

PRO:  Parrots, unlike humans, don’t forget anything.  They can replay dialogues verbatim.
CON:  The new neighbor drops by.  Birdie replays your “I don’t like the new neighbor” conversation.

PRO:  Your parrot will usually keep the same sleeping hours that you do.
CON:  Birdie has insomnia and screams all night. The neighbors post an “For Sale” sign on your lawn.

PRO:  Parrots have a much longer life expectancy than dogs or cats – sometime up to 80 years.
CON:  The 12-year-old cat’s just keeled over.  The bird begins singing, “Another One Bites the Dust”.

PRO:  Pros tell you to briefly scream every day with your bird.  He needs it and you can vent stress.
CON:  You both do your daily scream.  A SWAT team – led by the neighbor – invades your house.

PRO:  Children are delighted with parrots and often spend a lot of time being amused by them.
CON:  The parrot’s a snitch.  He keeps reciting your teen’s diary entries that little sister read aloud.

PRO:  Parrots’ antics are often a form of great family entertainment.
CON:  Every time you sit down, the parrot pretends to be a whoopie cushion.  You’re NOT amused.

PRO:  If a parrot is given ample opportunity for exercise, it’ll stay happy and healthy for years.
CON:  You walk by in your leotard, and the parrot makes judgmental remarks about your body.

Parrots can be a great addition to the family!  If they ’re trained properly, they can be well behaved, fairly tidy, and have sweet personalities.  Experts will tell you that a parrot’s behavior depends largely on how it’s been raised and that you don’t have to be one of those parrot owners who have nightmarish stories to tell your friends every time they call you.  If you have questions about what type of parrot to buy or need information regarding their care, consult a breeder or pet store owner.