Rice husk as cattle feed

Rice husk is the dry outer covering of rice grain, which is always removed during the milling of rice. It is of no direct nutritional value to man and in most mills, it is often discarded or allowed to rot away


In some areas however, it may be collected and used as litter material or used in fire making. In spite of rice husk abundance, nutritionists have neglected the use of it in animals feed production because of its fibre content, roughness poor nutritive value and induced irritation in digestive tract.

Nutritive value

Rice  husk  contains  2.9-3.6% crude protein, Rice husk

0.8-1.2% ether extract, 39-42% crude fibre    and

15-22% ash. Attempts at increasing the utilization of fibrous feed ingredients like rice husk include adequate fortification with micro nutrients, supplementation with high quality protein and amino acids, physical and chemical pre-treatments and the use of microbial enzymes  and antibiotics.