How to Perform Pet CPR

Learn how to administer CPR and artificial respiration on your dog. If your dog is unconscious, you need to act quickly in order to save its life.


You want to be prepared if you ever have to save your dog’s life.

It’s possible that you may at some point find your dog lying lifeless after an accident or fire. Her heart is beating but she’s not breathing. You’re the only one around. You need to save her life.

The first thing you should do is check her mouth for any objects or mucus that may be blocking her throat and breathing passages. If you see something blocking her throat, you should remove it thoroughly. Then you need to pull your dog’s tongue out of her mouth to make sure it isn’t blocking airflow, as well. Then gently place your dog’s tongue back inside her mouth and close her mouth and lay her jowls evenly over her lower lips.

You then need to wrap one hand around the entire mouth of your dog in order to keep it shut while you perform artificial respiration. You then should wrap your lips around your dog’s nose and breath even, slow breaths into your dog until she starts breathing.

You have a chance at reviving your dog as long as she has a heartbeat. If she doesn’t, you need to perform CPR. In order to perform CPR, you should roll your dog onto her back and (for small dogs) place your hands on either side of its chest and compress its chest in even steady beats and (for large dogs) lay your dog on her right side and compress your dog’s chest manually.

As soon as you jump start your dog’s heart, you can then work on the breathing. But you always need to be prepared to do this. It’s difficult to imagine that we’d ever been in a position that we’d need to save our dog’s life. But if we don’t do it, there’s a chance that no one might be given that ability. You need to learn CPR and artificial respiration on your dog and be ready to do it if the time should come.