Cleaning Your Dog's Face and Eyes

Cleaning your dog's eyes regularly will keep him healthy and clean. Learn how to do this and what you need to do.


The eyes of your dog are a very tender part of their bodies.

And a very important part. It doesn’t take much for a dog to lose an eye, so you need to be cautious about what activities are dangerous for your dog. For instance, if you play stick toss with your dog, be very careful as to not hit your dog in the face. This could permanently cause problems with your friend.

You need to be careful when giving your dog shampoo or when spraying any kind of substance on your pet. Make sure it doesn’t get into his eyes. This, too, can be very irritating and in excessive levels can cause permanent problems.

It’s so important for you to take care of your dog’s eyes. On a daily basis, you should get in the habit of grooming your dog. That includes brushing your pet and removing any shredded fur, washing his face with warm water, and using a salt and water mix to cotton swab around your dog’s eyes. This will get rid of any unwanted substances that may have formed around the eyes and help keep them healthy.

You should check your dog’s eyes daily for any kind of virus or disease. Conjunctivitis is a fairly common condition that leads to your dog having a loot of mucus around his eyes. This is a contagious condition, too. And you can catch it. So be careful when you’re touching a dog with conjunctivitis. (Be sure to wash your hands before and after).

If you notice anything unusual about your dog’s eyes, that could very well be a sign that your dog has some sort of more serious health condition. You should have it checked out by your vet.

If your vet tells you to put drops in your dog’s eyes on a daily basis, be sure to follow those instructions closely. You want your dog’s eyes to heal as quickly as possible. If you must drop drops in your dog’s eyes, put one of your hands under your dog’s chin, and the other to squeeze a drop in your dog’s eyes. If you have a hand under your dog’s chin, he’s less likely to be able to run off anywhere. It’s very easy for a pet owner to not administer the proper medicine to their dogs. Yet, it’s very important that you do. Be sure to follow all the directions dictated to you by your vet.