Wholesale pet supply: deskunk your dog

De-Skunk your dog using a wholesale pet supply & tomato juice. Follow these easy directions for immediate help with your naughty pet!


At one time or another, our faithful friends may find themselves in the dilemma of having been sprayed by a skunk.
This is not the ideal situation of having your dog enter your living quarters. You would think that my dog would have learned her lesson after three such episodes, but to much dismay, she continues to chase that skunk and in return gets skunked in the face, or at worst she gets it all over.

What can be done so that your pet can once again enter the house? There are many methods, but over time I have adhered to the method below.

First - Using a hose or a container, wet your pet down. Be sure to get them all over. If you must you may use the bathtub. This is the least favorite as you must bring your pet inside.

Second - Use a commercial dog shampoo. You can purchase one at the drugstore,  Market, or pet store. Work up a good lather being sure to get underneath. If you have a puppy, be sure to use a shampoo that is appropriate for puppies. Try not to get shampoo or water in your dog's ears, eyes, or mouth. Always talking in a soothing voice; after all your pet has already gone through a disturbing skunk situation, no need to cause more.

Third -  Rinse with water to be sure to get all the shampoo out of their fur.  Rinse in white vinegar, although I have use apple cider vinegar on occasion if I am out of white vinegar.

Fourth - Proceed to pour tomato juice all over your pet being sure to get some underneath. Message the tomato juice into pet's fur. I have been known to use canned tomatoes if I am out of tomato juice.

Fifth - Rinse your pet again with clear clean water to remove the tomato juice or tomatoes. Your dog may take on a pink tint if it is white or light-colored, but the rinsing will remove it.

Sixth -  Do a second rinse using white vinegar.

Seventh - Do a final rinse with clear clean water.
Towel dry your pet and you should be able to once again live with your faithful friend.

End your session with a good pet talk on not chasing skunks.