How to Get Rid of Stinky Dog Bad Breath

Bad breath in dogs; what is the cause and what is the cure; read this article for some advice.


Dental disease can give your dog bad breath.

There may be other problems relating to bad breath but the most common cause of which is dental disease. It is important to eradicate this problem as your pet will experience pain and thus end up eating less. We can imagine the consequences following this.

Dental disease occurs in different stages. The first stage is caused by plaque build-up on the teeth. This plaque nourishes the mouth bacteria which causes the bad breath. The next stage happens when plaque becomes calculus with mineral salts stuck on it. This is seen as brownish deposits on the gum margin. Calculus causes gum inflammation. This is seen when the tooth-gum margin is red and bleeds whenever you touch it.

The calculus stage is your pet's last chance at having its tooth saved. Calculus will cause the ligaments and tissue to hold the teeth to weaken. The tooth becomes loose and eventually falls out. Your pet will be suffering pain and be incapable of eating. You can check the condition of its gums. They will be red in color. Most pets object to having their mouths opened for checking their teeth so you may not be alerted to dental disease until it is very prominent. That's why you must brush its teeth regularly at least twice a week.

To prevent the formation of plaque, feed your pet dry commercial pet food. This requires chewing to exercise the jaws and teeth. There is less tendency for dry food to stick onto the gums.

You can buy chew toys for your pet to chew. Alternatively, if it can't take to chewing, use toothpaste and toothbrush to remove plaque. Pet shops sell these, as well as many chlorhexidine sprays and mouthwashes. It is better to brush twice a week to eliminate plaque.

If brushing is a problem then use dry pet food and dental toys as cleaners. If your pet has calculus or gum disease, it is better to visit the vet who is able to do a dental scaling. If there are defective teeth, they are removed. However, this causes pain and irritation to your pet. Prevention is better than cure. Care for your pet's teeth before they give problems.