How to Properly Care for Your Dog's Paw Pads

Dogs' feet care. What you should do to care and look after your dog's feet, paws and claws.


It is important to look after and care for your dog’s feet.

As with humans dogs depend on their feet and if that is not properly cared for this can cause discomfort and limit your pet's activity.

Dog’s feet should be kept clean. Always remember to wash the feet as well when you bath your dog. Wet the feet and gently clean around the paw area and the claws. This should not cause you to pet any pain and if it does so, then you should probably take your dog to the vet as there may be some infection or problem.

The hair between your dog’s claws should be kept short and out of the way of the claws. In shorthaired dogs, this is not really an issue but in longhaired dogs, it needs to be trimmed regularly. If the hair grows long between the claws it will get dirty when the dog walks and it may also annoy the dog. To trim the hair between the claws, use a small pair of scissors and gently cut the hair back one paw at a time. The hair should be trimmed so that it does not hang lower than the claws. You may need someone to hold your dog while you do this.

Your dog’s claws may need to be cut back every now and then as well. To cut the claws back, use the claw cutter. These should be able to be purchased from any pet store. Be careful not to cut then back too far. Only every trims them a little at a time and once again it is easier if you have someone to help you hold your dog while you do so.

Check your dog’s feet regularly to make sure that there are no splinters or infections in the paw area. The best way to know if there is any infection is to make sure that there is not any unusual smell or excretion coming from the paws. Just like humans though, dogs can pick up splinters and get cuts on the soles of the feet. Usually, if something like this has occurred, you will know because your dog may seem in pain or be limping. If your dog appears to be in pain, or you believe it might have an infection the best thing to do is to take it to the vet.

In most dogs, the feet are a very hardy area and not prone to many problems. It does, however, depend on the breed of your dog, as some are more prone to problems than others. It is always best to speak with the breeders or someone where you got your dog from to know what is involved in the upkeep of your particular breed of dog. Alternatively, check with your local vet as to what you should be doing to care for your type of dog. For the most part, as long as your dog’s feet are kept clean and you check them and trim the claws occasionally and any necessary hairs, then your pet should remain happy and have healthy feet.