Christmas gift ideas: for a pet dog

Have a friend with a furry pooch? Here are some possible Christmas gift ideas for a pet dog.


Ever wake up due to repeated licks on the face? Do you go to sleep every night on a big pile of fur?

Do you get woken up at all hours of the night to take a friend to the restroom? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you probably have a pet pooch. For true animal lovers, puppies and dogs aren’t simply family “pets.” They are another member of the family, participating in family events and remaining loyal to family members. When Christmas rolls around this year, don’t forget this very important member of the family. If you are looking for gifts for your own dog or have a friend that has a pet dog, here are some fun doggie Christmas gift ideas.

* Have a friend who loves to go camping or hiking? Get them a pup or dog tent so they can take along their furry friend, as well. These tents look amazingly similar to normal human tents, only smaller. They are designed to give your dog a warm place to sleep when out camping, as well as to protect your dog from the outside elements, like cold or rain.

* If your friend and his pooch live in cold climates, send him a doggie sweater to ward off the cold temperatures. If you can, have a friend or professional seamstress embroider the dog’s name on the front of the sweater. Another idea would be to send some doggie boots to protect small paws from the cold ground.

* Maybe you have a friend who does a lot of traveling in the car with his furry pooch. Go online or to your local pet store and find a doggie car seat. Many people do not put their dogs inside crates when driving and, instead, allow the dogs to wander around the car or truck. These doggie car seats are designed to keep our furry friends as safe as we are with our safety belts.

* Get your furry friend his own large fleece doggie bed to call his own. Embroider his name on the bed and put it in a special place in your home or near your own bed, so he has a warm place to sleep every night or when taking his daily doggie naps.

* For the dog who has everything, get him a stocking full of tasty dog treats, rawhide bones, specialty cans of dog food and rubber dog toys and ropes.

* When Christmas rolls around, we usually take our children to the local department store or mall so they have a chance to visit with Santa. Nowadays, even your furry friends have that opportunity. Search through your local newspaper or call your veterinarian to find some information about any of these Santa visits and schedule a visit for your pooch to have his chance to tell Santa about his wish list and get his picture taken with him.

* If you are not sure what type of gift to get your friend’s dog, get him a gift certificate to a major pet store chain so he can choose from an array of dog supplies and toys.