How to train a beagle dog Step by Step

Beagles are charming companions but need very specific training and environment to fulfill their potential.


Beagle puppies are especially appealing, tails wagging, tongues swiping, bodies all aquiver with joy, but this breed is not for just any family. Before you choose a Beagle as a pet, you should ask yourself if this dog will fit into your environment.


Beagles require more training than other breeds and have a strong tendency to stray when the opportunity presents itself. They respond best to the stimulation of a large active family. If you choose to train a Beagle, consider the fact that you must start the training early, and having more than one Beagle will make things much easier. They can keep each other company if no one else is at home and will be delightful companions to all members of the family.


Beagles are natural hunters and are easily distracted from commands by the scent of a rabbit or squirrel or nothing more than the neighborhood cat. The scent alone will send them chasing even though the animal might have been in the area several hours earlier. Therefore, in the house or in a fenced yard, training isnā€™t that difficult, but when out for a walk, a leash is recommended. You might think you have a perfectly behaved dog until natural instinct takes over. To Beagles, going on the hunt is what they think you want.


Beagles are short-haired dogs but they have double coats, fine beneath and coarser on top, that does shed in the spring. They are muscular and medium-sized with a keen sense of smell. They like to get dirty and will probably need weekly brushing and a bath once in a while. Because they have droopy ears, they are subject to ear infections. Most Beagles are tri-colored, black, brown, and white. Their origins are English, and they were used for hunting rabbits. The Beagle we see today was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1884 and is one of the countries most popular breeds.


Youā€™ve just brought home a delightful Beagle puppy, and heā€™s already charming everyone. But you canā€™t put a diaper on him, and an 8-week-old Beagle needs to be housetrained as soon as possible. The puppy should be at least 8 weeks old; otherwise, he hasnā€™t learned the basic behavior from his mother that he needs. Because he is still an infant, he will need to go out every couple of hours. There should also be a spot in the house with newspapers where he can be confined. If you canā€™t keep an eye on him because he is roaming the house, heā€™s apt to use the floor and the bad habit is started. And Beagles will roam if allowed to do so.

Unless youā€™re actually with the dog, he should be where the papers are. Pet supply stores have shredded recycled newspaper that you can use in a litter box. Female Beagles are easier to train in a litter box because they donā€™t have to lift their leg. The litter box should be similar to a carrying case and large enough to accommodate your Beagle puppy as she grows. The male puppy needs to be taken outside on a regular basis to a specific potty area but set aside a spot in the house with newspapers just in case. A doggie door that leads to a confined space outdoors is ideal.


The first step in training your puppy is to make him feel secure. That means establishing a routine. Understanding the word ā€œnoā€ is the first step. If you tell him no, you must be ready to follow through. You must be higher in the pack older than he is. He expects this and wants it. Pets are dependent on their owners and are comfortable with following your orders. If he knows exactly where his food dish and water dish will be every day and if he knows what time he will be fed, what time he will go for a walk, what time he is expected to retire and to start the day, and where his bed is located, he will feel much more secure and will be more apt to respond to your commands.

Because Beagles are naturally sociable animals, getting along with people is not a problem, but they are easily distracted by other animals or people, and patience is a virtue in the training of a Beagle. Adolescence for your puppy begins between 6 and 9 months and ends between 1 and 3 years old. This can be an awkward time of change and upheaval when the behavior of your Beagle is unstable, but as long as you understand this phase and know that itā€˜s temporary, you can handle your dog as you would handle any teenager. Beagles are one of the most appealing pets anyone could have, but only if they have the training they need.