Ten fun ways to bond with your dog

This article talks about bonding with your dog and activities that would help you do this.


Many people work long hours out of the house and want to spend quality time with their dogs.

However, sitting on the front porch and staring at passing cars can only hold a person’s or a dog’s interest for so long. Try one of these fun activities to get closer to your dog.

Veg Out - Pick out a movie where the main actors are dogs. Grab a bag of popcorn and a few dog bones and watch the movie with your canine buddy. All of my dogs love to watch TV if there are any animals on the show, but they especially like to watch other dogs. Some good bets for dog pleasing videos are Milo and Otis, Homeward Bound, K-9, and Dr. Dolittle. For extra fun, find a drive-in theater showing a dog-friendly movie and you can watch a show on the big screen together.

Pick up a Frisbee

Not only is throwing a frisbee around fun, but it can also help your pup stay in shape. Who knows, you may have the next frisbee catching champ lounging around on your couch right now. It may take a few tries to get your dog excited about the chase, but if he likes to play fetch, he should love frisbee.

Take a Hike

Make sure you use a flea and tick preventative on your dog, use an insect repellant on yourself, and head for one of the hiking trails that allows dogs on a leash. Remember to pack a collapsible dog dish for his water and pack lunch for you and your dog to enjoy on the hike.

Pack a Lunch

If hiking is not your cup of tea, find a dog-friendly park, and pack a picnic lunch. The two of you can take a leisurely stroll about the park and enjoy your lunch without breaking a sweat.

Hit the Road

Next time you plan a vacation, ask if the hotel accepts dogs. If not, you can still rent a mobile home and travel to dog-friendly destinations together.

Old Dogs Love New Tricks

Teach your dog some new obedience commands. Don’t spend too long on practice sessions. Ten minutes is an enjoyable amount of time to practice. Your dog will be excited that he is learning something new and interacting with you, and you will gain a well-behaved canine friend.

Win a Title

Once your dog has learned basic obedience, you can work together to win obedience trials. Your dog can reach companion dog status, and you can go on to earn higher titles together after this. To find out more about obedience trials, visit your local Kennel Club. 

Take a Dog to Work Day

Every year, one day is set aside for pet owners to bring their pets into work, just like parents bring their kids to work. See if your company will allow your dog to participate.                                

Visit Shut-Ins

If your dog has a mellow personality, you can spend time together while helping someone else. See if you and your dog can visit a nursing home and cheer up a few room bound patients.

Pick out a Toy

Your local pet store may allow dogs into the store. If so, go to the store and let your dog pick out his own toy or treat. This way, you’ll know he really likes the toy you buy.