Cocker spaniels great Dog for family

Cocker Spaniels make great family pets. These smallest members of the sporting group of dogs are well loved in America. The American Spaniel Club is


Cocker Spaniels make great family pets.

  These smallest members of the sporting group of purebred dogs are well loved in America. In fact, the American Kennel Club lists them as one of America's favorite types of dogs.

The American Spaniel Club is one organization that is centered around a love of these purebred dogs. Information about this club can be found through the American Kennel Club's Web Site.
The American Kennel Club offers Spaniel owners and interested parties a good starting point for information on the breed at its web site; .

What is the upside of owning a Cocker Spaniel?

Males of this small sporting group breed seldom stand more than 15 inches tall at the withers.  Females rarely surpass 14 inches at the withers.

Cockers, therefore, adjust well to apartments and smaller dwellings.  Unlike large dogs, these adaptable pups don't require acres of land to romp around on for exercise.  They will, however, make use of all available space to run and play in on a daily basis.

Cocker Spaniels also enjoy adults, children, and senior citizens.  They are loving pets, which adore people.  Very seldom will the owner of a Cocker Spaniel be faced with negative reactions over walking his/her pet.

Cockers will announce the arrival of someone at your front door, but they're better bird dogs than they are watch dogs.  While a cocker will frighten a squirrel, woodcock, or other forest dweller, they are hardly intimidating to a burglar or attacker.

The upside to this is that Cocker Spaniels are generally safe to own around babies, toddlers, and small children.  Their endearing intelligent expressions, joyous temperaments, and unquenchable spirits are bound to make them favorite playmates of the young.  Cocker Spaniels
are perfect dogs for young families.

Cockers do require grooming care.  Careful attention must be paid to their coats.  Professional grooming services can be worth their weight in gold, when it comes to caring for a Cocker's coat.  

Cocker Spaniels can tend to gain weight, if they do not receive the proper amount of exercise. But, take heart, you can play ball with a cocker in your living room!  If you are looking for a great family pet, do some more research on Cocker Spaniels. Find out for yourself just why they are listed amongst America's favorite breeds of dogs.