German shepherds, great family guard dogs

German Shepherds are great family guard dogs. These dogs are naturally protective and loyal. They are steadfast herding and working dogs that love to serve.


German Shepherds are great family guard dogs.

These dogs are naturally protective and loyal. They are steadfast herding and working dogs that love to serve.

There are exceptions to this rule, so be certain that your German Shepherd puppy comes from a good blood line. Investigate the breeder thoroughly. Ask to see the puppy's parents.  Ask what type of papers that the breeder will provide for your puppy.  

Some pedigree papers restrict breeding.  This is often a cue that the puppy has some type of unacceptable physical flaw that the breeder is trying to keep from being passed on genetically through breeding. Question the breeder thoroughly if he/she suggests this sort of papering for your pup.

A good full grown German Shepherd male will weigh in at eighty pounds or more.  A female will way roughly ten pounds less than her male counterpart.  These are big dogs. Be certain that you want a big dog and can handle one before purchasing that cute little puppy. Puppies grow.

Obedience and/or guard dog training should be a priority.  Shepherds are natural guard dogs.  However, you don't want your dog frightening friends away from your home.  You need to be the alpha with this breed of dog. Obedience or guard dog training your pet with a professional trainer will ensure this.

A good German Shepherd that has bonded with your family will give its all to protect you and yours. Shepherds are favorite working dogs of police forces and military forces around the world.  They are universally recognized as intelligent, powerful, loyal, and affectionate partners.  A good German Shepherd will lay down its life without hesitation to protect his/her owners.  
German Shepherds have a tender affectionate side that they often display only to their families.  Many a German Shepherd has spent the night beneath his/her new baby's basinette.  Many a German Shepherd has curled up on the floor along side a sleeping toddler.  These dogs love their masters.

Good German Shepherds are eager to please their owners.  They benefit greatly from obedience and guard dog training.  Due to their high intelligence, these dogs need a sense of duty and purpose that training can provide for them.

If you are interested in buying a German Shepherd puppy, then you are on the right track.  Read everything you can on the breed.  Then, make an informed decision.  Be sure that you are owner enough for the dog that you intend to purchase.

Be aware that German Shepherds need room to run, supervision, and plenty of interaction with their families.  Don't plan on chaining your shepherd up in the yard for hours at a time.  This is not a healthy situation for any dog, but for a shepherd it is hazardous, to say the least.  

Shepherds can get mean and when they do, they are man stoppers!  Don't purchase a German Shepherd, unless you truly want to bond with your dog and form its character.   There's a lot of truth in the saying that pets and owners begin to resemble each other.  If you provide your German Shepherd with a secure, stable, loving environment, then that's the kind of dog you will raise in return for your efforts.  If you bully your German Shepherd, isolate it, and generally mistreat it, then you'll get an unpredictable, unstable, dangerous dog.