German Rottweiler Dog Breed Information

Description of the German Rottweiler appearance, size, temperament, grooming tips, health concerns, and other important facts about German Rottweiler dogs


Rottweilers are powerful dogs with compact muscular bodies that can move with amazing speed and agility.

  They are typically black in color with mahogany to tan markings on their cheeks, paws, muzzle and legs.  Most of these dogs have their tails docked at the first joint at an early age.  The average size of male Rottweilers is 24-27 inches (61-69 cm) tall with a weight of 95-130 pounds (43-59 kg).  Female Rottweilers are typically 22-25 inches (56-63 cm) tall with a weight of 85-115 pounds (38-52 kg).  Females also produce unusually large litters of around 10-12 puppies.   

Rottweilers’ thick medium length outer coats conceal their fine undercoats.  By brushing these coats daily with a firm bristle brush you can keep them looking glossy and smooth.  Rottweilers are mild shedders and should only be bathed when it becomes necessary.  

This breed is known for its aggression, intelligence, and protective abilities.  With proper training and handling however, Rottweilers can also make loving and devoted pets and companions.  These calm, courageous and reliable dogs are strong fighters that will zealously defend their families.  Often these dogs seem immune to pain.  Since the dogs grow to be quite large, it is recommended that training begin at a young age while the dog is still controllable.  Proper training at the hands of a firm but caring trainer will help prevent these dogs from becoming vicious.  Kindness and consistency in training will lead to more successful obedience skills.  Rottweilers in general need a great deal of interaction with people to be happy and content.  They love to run free in open areas and are not likely to wander too far from their owners as long as no other animals are present.  Rottweilers make great companions for swimmers, bikers, and joggers.  These dogs also enjoy good old-fashioned games like chasing a ball or stick.  

Some Rottweilers may be prone to hip or elbow dysplasia, cataracts, and/or progressive retinal atrophy but basically this is a robust dog breed.  Other minor annoyances these dogs may exhibit include overeating and load snoring.  As a rule, Rottweilers can’t get too much exercise and they truly enjoy vigorous activity.  They are basically inactive when indoors but love to run and play outside.  Rottweilers have an average life expectancy of 10-12 years.

Most likely, Rottweilers are descendants of Italian Mastiff dogs that were later crossed with sheepdogs.  As a result, breeders were able to produce a strong imposing breed that was used for herding and guarding livestock.  The name comes from Rottweil that is a town in Southern Germany.  By the 1800’s, Rottweilers were nearly extinct but their population began to make a comeback early in the twentieth century in part due to the efforts of enthusiastic breeders in Stuttgart.  Tracking, herding, and carting have long been talents of this breed.  Rottweilers are also known for using their intelligence and protective skills.  They seem to be worth their weight in gold when it comes to various tasks that include certain military maneuvers, customs searches, police work, and guarding or watchdog assignments.