Dogs: the Yorkshire Terrier breed

Yorkshire Terriers, a dog breed sometimes called Yorkies, are spunky little dogs that make great pets. The Yorkshire Terrier requires regular grooming and has some specific care requirements.


Yorkshire Terriers have a truly unique disposition.

They are audacious little dogs that possess a lively spirit. Yorkies are obedient to their owner and boldly protect their territory. Even though they are small in size their personality has great magnitude. This intelligent little dog makes a wonderful companion for families with older children. Since Yorkshire Terriers often weigh under ten pounds they can easily be stepped on and injured. A Yorkie owner needs to always be aware of their presence.

Besides being small in stature, the Yorkshire Terrier's coat has a deep grayish-blue coloring over the back and down the tail. As a puppy, the Yorkshire Terrier's fur is much darker and gradually lightens with maturity. Their heads, legs, and underside are a rich shade of gold, and their fur is soft and fine in texture. The ears stand pointed and alert, listening for unusual sounds. Yorkies have beautiful, round, deep-brown eyes that can melt the heart.

The website "PetSupport USA Canine Reference Library" in the article entitled "Yorkshire Terrier", provides interesting details regarding the history of the Yorkshire Terrier. It says the Yorkie was first called a "broken-haired Scotch Terrier" and originated in England in the 1800's. Its primary use at that time was for the control of rodents that inhabited coal mines in the northern part of England. This first breed was said to be a larger version of the modern day Yorkshire Terrier. This small terrier, as it is known today, was supposedly a mixture of the Paisley Terrier, Clydesdale, Skye Terrier, Waterside, Maltese, and Toy.

According to the website article entitled "Yorkshire Terrier" published by the American Kennel Club in 2000, the first record of a Yorkie being born in America was in 1872. It also says Yorkshire Terriers were first recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.

Yorkshire Terriers need to be groomed regularly. Professional dog grooming parlors do a wonderful job in properly grooming the Yorkshire Terrier. In between trips to the grooming parlor, a Yorkie should be brushed at least every other day to keep the coat from becoming dull and matted. A Yorkshire Terrier should be bathed with a conditioning shampoo when it becomes necessary. Bathing too often can be drying to the skin.

Since Yorkshire Terriers have black toenails, trimming them at home can be more difficult. The vein within is not visible, and trimming should be carefully done with a good quality nail clipper designed for dogs. It is best to clip small slivers off at a time to prevent injury, or this job can be left up to professionals. Once a dog has had a nail clipped too short it often will resent having its feet handled or its nails clipped.

Having a Yorkshire Terrier will provide you with a loving companion and a dog to be proud of. The Yorkie has few health problems when properly vaccinated and cared for. They love to take walks, curl up beside you in your favorite chair, and they will greet you with excitement and love each time you come home. The Yorkshire Terrier is a wonderful dog to adopt as a member of your family.