Wolfdogs are a mixed breed

What you should know about wolf hybrids before adopting one. Facts about these animals.


A Wolfdog or wolf-hybrid is a dog that has been crossbred with a wolf.

  They are a very beautiful high-spirited animal.  Most are wolves crossed with German Shepherds, Huskies or Malamutes. These animals are also very intelligent and are sensitive. They are not as forgiving as a regular domestic dog. A Wolfdog will defend himself.  When deciding about having one as a pet, make sure you are able to keep and care for the wolfdog for the rest of his/her life.  They tend to become bonded to one owner and don't do well with change. Wolfdogs are really not very dog-like. They become more like companions and a family member. These animals are not the kind that will do silly tricks for you.

 A wolfdog isn't the kind of animal that a person should buy on impulse. Before deciding whether you are able to be a responsible owner you should take some time and learn more about the breed. These animals are not like your average dog. If you aren't willing to act as a "pack leader" your wolfdog may very well assume the role.  It's best to read as many books as you can to dispel any myths or legends. You will also want to talk with other owners so you will be prepared well in advance for what is required by you.

  Feeding a wolfdog takes money because they can eat quite a bit depending on the animal. There are also vet bills. It's best to be sure you can take care of them financially before bringing a wolfdog into your home.

  Because of their nature, most Wolfdogs are best suited to houses without young children. There are a very small few that truly are good with children, but that is not the typical case.  Depending on the percentage of wolf in the breed they can be somewhat more aggressive than the average domesticated dog.  Females are more aggressive than the males and even though they may enjoy affection, some may give a warning that they have had enough contact and will growl, bare teeth and lay their ears back. If a wolfdog does this, stop immediately.

  When keeping a wolfdog it's best to allow them indoors with you and not pen them up outside permanently. These animals are pack animals and rarely do well if left alone.  Another reason is that Wolfdogs won't bark while left outside, they will howl and they will do it loudly and will continue all night. Most neighbors will usually complain.
   It's not recommended tying a wolfdog up on a chain for long periods of time. You will need a large area for your wolfdog to run around in so it's always important to have a fenced in yard that is high enough that the wolfdog can't jump over. Wolfdogs can easily clear a 6-foot fence. Because these animals are predatory animals, children and others should be discouraged from running away from them because a wolfdog will be more likely to give chase.

  It's important to obtain your wolfdog from a reputable breeder. Puppy mills are not a good place to get one. Look for a breeder that has references and that breeds these animals because of their respect and love for the breed.

  It's very important to make sure you are completely able to dedicate 15 or more years to your Wolfdog's care and welfare. If you have any doubts then by all means don't adopt one. If you know you can take care of him and have the time patience and love it requires, then you may find that it's worth every minute of your time. These animals are beautiful and intelligent and deserve to be cared for and respected.