Tips for training a hunting dog

Tips for training a hunting dog with information on commands to use, how to train and how to keep dog in condition for hunting.


If you love the sport of hunting, properly training your hunting dog will make you have a more enjoyable hunting experience.

Training a hunting dog takes alot of time and alot of effort from the person training the hunting dog.  The training of a hunting dog should start the same way as any dog being trained.  It should start right from when the dog is a puppy.  A hunting dog should be fully trained before being taken out to hunt and also make sure the hunting dog is fully trained before the actual hunting season.

The hardest part about training a hunting dog is that the owner usually wants  to use the dog for hunting and also want the dog to be the family pet.  

The dog should be trained using basic obedience commands first such as sit, stay and whoa.  The dog should be trained to respect the owner.  Getting a dog to respect
and obey you is done through being gentle, kind and using disipline when needed.  By using these commands when training your hunting dog will help in your dog looking for
the game your hunting for rather than you having to end up looking for your hunting dog.

Sometimes in training a hunting dog you may need to use an electric collar.  This is a collar that you put around the dog that has electrodes in it and everytime you feel the hunting dog is not following a specific command you gave you can press a button so the dog gets a shock through the collar.  This helps in training the hunting dog by that when they get these shocks they began to learn when they’ve done something wrong.  You can also use this electrical collar when you are out hunting with your hunting dog.  This
will help by that when the hunting dog gets distracted by a sound or when the dog goes chasing after an animal such as a deer.  When using the collar the dog doesn’t get hurt:
he just gets a little shock that will not end up doing no real harm to the dog.

If a hunting dog is trained well they will always keep their eye on you the owner which will make the hunting dog able to tell where you are and what you are doing.

A hunting dog that is not trained well will go off on his own to hunt.  

A hunting dog should be taught to hunt from scent rather than being trained to hunt by their eye sight to hunt for game because a hunting dog may not always be able to see the game but they can always be taught to smell for the game.

Hunting dogs should also be taught to focus on the commands that their owner is giving them.

When you're not hunting you should keep your hunting dog in good condition by making sure the hunting dog gets enough exercise.  Don’t overfeed the hunting dog because this could make the dog overweight.  Not doing this will prevent the hunting dog  from being able to keep up to the game when it’s hunting season.

When a hunting dog is trained right the experience of hunting will be enjoyed by the owner as well as, the hunting dog.