Sunflower meal (Helianthus annuus)

Sunflower meal is the by-product of the extraction of oil from
sunflower seeds. Sunflower meal is one of the major protein
meals used for livestock feeding and particularly for ruminant
diets, and under certain conditions for pigs and poultry. It is a
valuable and safe prod


Common  name:  Common sunflower

Local   names:   Hindi:   Surajmukhi,  Marathi:   Suryaphul  Manipuri:   Numitlei,  Malayalam:

Sooryakanthi,  Tamil:  Suryakaanti

Sunflower is an annual or perennial plant that grows up to 6 m height. The seeds of the cultivated sunflower species are used in the manufacture of oil and its by-product, sunflower meal. Sunflower meal is generated when the black oil seeds are crushed. The seeds   consist


of 25-40% shell. The availability of sunflower meal  in India for the year 2009-10 was about 0.67 million tones.

Nutritive value

TDN and CP contents of sunflower meal are  around

65 and 30%, respectively. The composition of the sunflower meal varies with the quality of the original seed and the method of processing. Good quality sunflower meal contains about 35-44% high grade protein especially rich in methionine. Pre-press solvent extraction of whole seeds with no dehulling produces  meal  with  a  crude  protein  content    of


Sunflower meal


25-28%, partial dehulling yields 34-38% crude protein content, and completely dehulled sunflower meal commonly yields >40% crude protein, but up to 50% crude protein has  been observed. The expeller variety of sunflower meal makes the butter soft if fed in large amounts to cows because of the character of oil it contains. It contains chlorogenic acid and tannins as deleterious factors. Supplementing with methyl donors (methionine and choline) can help in increasing the availability of protein to   animals.


Sunflower meal can be safely included up to 20% level in cattle ration. The use of high fibre sunflower cakes (undecorticated) is restricted to the feeding of adult ruminants, whereas, the decorticated cake is a digestible high-protein feed that can be used freely for all livestock.   As the cakes are hard, they are best fed ground and incorporated in compound cattle feeds. Sunflower meal can be used as the sole source of protein to feed animals.

Guaranteed Analysis
Nutrient, based on 90% DM Value

Ash 6%
Crude Fiber 20%
Crude Fat 0.8%
Crude Protein 35%

Typical Analysis

Protein 34% Min.
Moisture 12% Max.
Fiber 21.0% Max.
Fat 0.5% Min.

Amino Acid Profile

Arginine 2.78 %
Cysteine 0.63 %
Lysine 1.25 %
Magnesium 0.67 %
Methionine 0.74 %
Phosphorus 0.95 %
Potassium 1.05 %
Threonine 1.22 %
Tryptophan 0.42 %
Valine 1.73 %

Energy Profile

Energy - TDN 2
Energy - NEG
Energy - NEM 2
Energy - ME (Swine)
Energy - ME (Poultry)
64 %
35 mcal/cwt
65 mcal/cwt
1100 kcal/lb
1000 kcal/lb