Introducing a new dog to other family pets

When introducing a new dog into your home, your other pets may become jealous of the attention. Learn how to best handle the situation of bringing a new dog into your home.


Introducing your new dog to your existing family pets can be a trying time. Your new pet is in an unfamiliar place, just wanting to get acquainted and find where it can take a nap and get a bite to eat. But if you don’t introduce your new pet to your existing ones in an appropriate manner, it may just mean a lot of anxiety for all the animals.

The best way to get your pets acquainted is to let your new pet first get used to its new surroundings alone. Show it where it can sleep and where it can eat, and allow it to have some time alone with you to get used to being around you. After a few hours, it will be time to introduce the new dog to your other family members. You should act like the chauffeur of the group, and take the new dog to each family member one by one. Then, it will be time to meet the rest of the clan--the other pets.

You probably will want to make the introductions outside, in a place that is neutral for all parties involved. If you conduct the introductions inside your home, the existing pets may be confrontational and the new pet may be fearful of intruding on the other animals.

When you allow the animals to meet each other, you need to let them sniff each other and check each other out. Give each of the animals a lot of praise. Shower them with an overabundance of love and affection. You can’t give too much love to any one animal during this time.

After you’ve conducted the introductions, it’s time to bring all the animals together into the home. This lets the existing pets see that the new animals is certainly welcome there. Continue to give them a lot of praise. Don’t leave the animals together unsupervised for very long during the first few days. But let them work out their differences alone. A little horseplay is okay as long as it doesn’t get out of hand.