Plan to build a dog house

Find out an easy way to build a dog house by reading this informative article!


The first step you will have to take in this project is to measure your dog.

Measure his or her height sitting up, length laying down, stretched out, and measure his or her width at its widest body part which is its shoulders. You will want your dog to be able to be comfortable in its new home. Therefore, you will need to design the house so that Fido can sit up or lay down and stretch out. Add about four inches to these measurements and then you are ready to proceed.

The next step is to figure out how much lumber you will need. For the frame of the doghouse, two by fours will work fine. You will need four-two by fours for the length of the house, four-two by fours for the width of the house, four- two by fours for the height of the house, and then enough wooden siding material to cover the entire structure. Treated wood is an excellent choice as least as far as the frame pieces are concerned. Thick plywood is a suitable choice for the floor, roof and side walls. It can be measured, cut and then applied in one piece, and it is easy to work with. Of course, you will need to shingle the roof for protection from the elements such as rain and melting snow. You may choose to paint, stain, or even put house siding on your finished project, the choice is yours. You can build your doghouse in many different designs, but there is a basic design that works quite well for even the amateur carpenter.

After you have purchased your materials and measured and cut them, you are now ready to build the dog house. This design starts out by laying out the base of the house into a rectangular shape using the appropriate two by fours. Small spikes might be a good idea to use to nail the frame together with. You can also use L brackets and screws if you choose instead of nails. After the base is assembled, use the four- two by fours which you measured and cut for the height and nail them on to the inside corners. Note: This plan calls for a simple, slanted, one piece roof. Before you nail the two by fours on each corner, measure enough of an angle on the two by fours, (allow for a good run off of rain, melted snow, etc.), and cut them off at an angle. Then attach them to the frame.Hold the two by fours which you cut for length inside the frame on each side and attach them at each end. Do the same with the two by fours you cut for the width and attach them.

You now have the basic frame for your dog house for Fido. To put the flooring in as well as the siding on, you can use wood screws and a drill bit and power drill. Measure, cut, and put the floor in first, then put the back of the house and the sides on. After that, you will need to measure and cut out the piece for the fron tof the house. Measure and cut out a big enough sized opening for your dog to get in and out of his or her house comfortably. If your dog is a female and there is a possibility of her becoming pregnant, be sure to add extra inches on the size of the doorway. Finally, you will need to put a roof on using the plywood.

If you have a big dog, not a small or average-sized hound, you might want to choose wood to make a sturdier frame. Whatever wood you choose, pine is probably the least expensive,but it is not recommended as it is a very soft wood.