Teach your dog impressive tricks

Teach your dog impressive tricks. Teach any dog, any age, these tricks to show off for your friends.


You can teach your dog tricks that can impress your friends,

make them laugh, and make them useful at home. Some of these tricks are complex, but most are simple and fun. Teach any dog, any age these tricks to show off for your friends.

Every dog has his own personality.  Some dogs are better at certain tricks than  others.  But every dog can learn tricks and many of these tricks are your basic obedience skills that all dogs should know.   Even dogs that are not well trained will have tricks they do to get attention.  It is when you teach them to do the trick when you want them to, is this considered a trick.  

Each trick you teach needs to have an opening command and a closing command which is the release.   The closing command can be a simple word like, O.K..  The dog needs to hear this at the end of every trick and know that the trick is over.  The opening command is the name of the trick, such as sit up, or shake etc.  You praise the dog during the trick and then release them with the closing command.  Then reward your dog.

You can reward your dog with anything the dog likes.  A reward is  their compensation for a job well done.  Give your dog whatever he likes.  Petting and praise from you.  Love and hugs from you.  A smile is also a reward.  Getting a dog treat, such as food.  Some owners dont want to give a dog treat because they dont want their dog to always be dependent on the treat in case they dont have one with them.   Usually, though, actual treat rewards are good in the beginning, but eventually the dog will find petting and praise enough when they are older.  Other treats can be  playing the dogs favorite game or whatever works.  Many times the trick you are doing is a reward in itself, such as the game, fetch.  

An easy first trick that all dogs can learn to do is to wag their tails on command.  Your dog probably wags his tail all the time when he is happy anyways.   So simply use this to teach them the trick.  The opening command could be something like,  Are you a happy dog?  Praise your dog while they are wagging their tail.  Then release them by saying O.K.  and pet them.  

The most important trick that your dog needs to know is the stay trick.  Many other tricks are based upon this one, so is obedience.  We  call it a trick, but it is really a command in itself.   The trick is for the dog to understand when you want them to sit and do nothing until you release them.  This is how to teach your dog to stay.  Put your dog on a leash.  Push him down into the sitting position, saying, Sit.  Praise him for sitting.  Tell your dog to stay and give  a hand signal such as, a flat palm in front of their face and say, stay.  You can help them to stay in the beginning by holding the leash taut and back so they cant stand up.  Or, stand gently on their tail, so they cant stand up!  If your dog moves, reposition them and say, sit.  Now say O.K. to release your dog and run around the yard with them.  There needs to be a clear difference between the word stay and the release work O.K.  Running around the yard makes the difference clear.   Next, you need to practice the same steps again.  Sit them down, say, stay,  give the flat hand signal for stay.  Then release them with O.K.   Run around with them and give them a reward.  Repeat the training session many more times, lengthening out the stay period and moving away from them each time.  You can release them with O.K. to come running forward to you at which time you will give them a reward.  Keep practicing with them until they get it right.  

Once your dog knows the basic dog tricks of sit, stay, and fetch (go get it) you can teach them more complex tricks.  These tricks can be practical to help you at home or cute and silly to impress others.  

This first trick is really helpful at home when you are busy and cant get up from what you are doing, but need someone else in the house.  Dogs can even help you carry notes to other people in the house for you.  The first step is to teach your dog the names that you will be called.  The parents in the house can be mommy and daddy.  Or you can go by your real names.  It is easiest to teach your dog this trick by using only two people in your house in the beginning.  You will need to have both people together in the room.

Put your dog on a leash.  You should kneel down about 6 feet apart from each other.  Mommy holds onto the dogs leash; Daddy is holding onto the dogs collar.  The beginning command can be, Go find mommy.  Daddy says this and releases the hold on the collar.  Mommy pulls on the leash to help the dog find her.  Mommy gives the dog lots of praise and a reward.  Now you switch.  Daddy holds the end of the leash and mommy holds onto the collar.  Mommy says, Go find daddy and releases the collar.  Daddy pulls on the end of the leash to guide the dog to him, gives him praise and a reward.  You can keep practicing this until you no longer need the leash.  Now, you can separate yourselves even further apart and eventually go into separate rooms and your dog will go find the other person.  Eventually you can give your dog something to hold in his mouth to give to other person.  The command could be, Go give this to daddy.

If your dog knows how to lay down when commanded to do so, you can teach him to roll over.  The down position is achieved by repeating the command, down and then putting your dog in the down position and giving them the stay command.  Once they are in the down position you will use a treat or goodie to get them to roll over.  Show your dog the treat and slowly move it in a circle around your dogs nose.  Give the command, roll over and bring the treat up over his head so  he will have to roll over to keep eye contact with it.  You can pat the floor with your free hand and help him roll over if necessary in the beginning.  Say, O.K. and give them their reward.

Teaching your dog to sit up and beg is easy if they already know how to sit.  Have a treat in your hand and command your dog to sit.  Put the treat up to their nose so they can smell it, but dont give it to them.  Slowly, inch by inch, raise the treat towards the ceiling and back, allowing them to continue smelling it with their nose.  Command, Beg or Sit Pretty once they are in the upright sitting position with paws begging.  Say, O.K. and release them for their treat.  

Give me a kiss is another fun trick.  Put your dog in the sitting position.  Give your dog a hug and back up and say, Give me a kiss.  Make a smacking sound with your lips, and present your lips to your dog.  Most dogs at this point will kiss you back.  If not, gently blow into your dogs face after you make the lip smacking sound.  You can practice this trick at different times of the day, always saying the words, Kiss as the command.  Eventually they will equate the word kiss with the action kiss.  

You can teach your dog to balance food on their nose and hold it there until you command them to eat it.  Put your dog in the sitting position.  Hold your dogs mouth shut with your hand during  a few practice sessions, until they get used to it.  Praise them after each time.  The next step, after they are used to having you hold their snout, is to place a piece of food on the bridge of their nose while you hold their mouth shut.  Say, wait while holding your finger up in front of their face with one hand and still holding their mouth shut with the other.  After one second release and say, O.K. so they can eat the treat.  Help them find the treat if it fell on the floor.  Eventually you wont have to hold their snout closed and just command, wait and they will sit there with the food on their nose waiting for the O.K. command.

Remember, repetition, practice, consistency, and praise will get great results with your dog.