Choosing a weimaraner puppy breeder

Choosing the right breeder is as important a decision as choosing the right dog. Future Weimaraner owners should be informed.


So you've decided a Weimaraner dog is the best pet for your family.

No doubt, you've taken into consideration this breeds affinity for children, his gentle nature and love of people. You know that this dog doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time and needs lots of exercise.

But what do you know about the breeder you're considering purchasing the dog from?

What's just as important as the kind of dog you've chosen to take into your home, is the breeder you get the dog from. Not every breeder that offers Weimaraner dog is a reputable one.

And as concerned as you, the future-owner of one of the breeder's fine dogs, the breeder should be as interested in you and the kind of home that you will provide for his dog. So, expect to interview several breeders before making your final decision, and likewise, expect the breeders to interview you.

Here are some points to look for when meeting with a breeder:

A reputable breeder has earned his stripes
He should be in good standing with his national or local breed club and should have experience in breeding as well as references to speak on his behalf.  

A reputable breeder cares
A reputable breeder will be very careful in selecting the best homes for his puppies. He will inquire of your lifestyle, including your work schedule. He may go so far as to want to meet the entire family and may also ask for references.

A reputable breeder is knowledgeable
He should be well versed in the breed’s genetic flaws and should also have available genetic testing and health screenings to help prevent the flaws. Ask for certification of such screenings.

A reputable breeder remains responsible long after the sale
He should express an interest in continuing to share his knowledge with you throughout the lifetime of the dog.

A reputable breeder is honest
He should talk with you candidly about both the positive and negative aspects of the Weimaraner breed.

A reputable breeder wants to put your mind at ease
He should invite you to tour the grounds where the puppies are raised while explaining the manner in which they are cared for. Do not meet with a breeder at another designated site. It is important to see where the puppy you are considering purchasing lives.

A reputable breeder will stand by his word
He should offer a health guarantee and be willing to assist you in caring for the puppy should an unseen health problem arise. A good breeder will be responsible for the puppy’s health throughout its life. Should the owner at some point be no longer able to care for the dog, the breeder should be willing to reclaim the dog and find another fitting home for it.

A reputable breeder wants a stable, life-long home for his puppies
He should suggest that you see other breeders and make a very careful decision before purchasing a puppy. He wants to insure that you properly evaluate the needs of both you and the puppy before deciding to invite it into your home.

Once you’ve found a breeder that you’re comfortable with, the hard part is over. But take your time and stick with your decision. If that breeder doesn’t have a puppy for sale at the time, reserve one from the next litter. What’s most important is that you are happy with the breeder and that you’re confident the breeder is a reputable one, not the speed with which he can deliver the puppy.