The adopt a greyhound program

The adopt a greyhound program seeks to keep these gentle dogs from being euthanized needlessly.


Are you looking for a good pet? You may want to consider adopting a Greyhound.

Most of  these dogs were once used to turn a profit for their owners at the track. If you've ever been  to a race track, you've seen these beautifully graceful animals. The terrible tragedy is, that if  one of the dogs isn't turning a profit for the owner, the dog is usually destroyed. It's very  unfair, because these dogs are the kind that love to be loved. A Greyhound will go through  his racing "career" and live in a kennel with next to no human contact. Because of this, most  Greyhounds don't even know their own names. After a short lived career, most put to sleep.  There are other alternatives to this.

According to "The National Greyhound Adoption Program"(NGAP), an estimated 30,000  Greyhounds are killed in the US each year because they "can't run fast enough". The NGAP,  a non-profit corporation which has it's headquarters in Philadelphia, PA., rescues these  Greyhounds, and places them with loving families across the country. To insure the dogs get  good homes, families place an application with the NGAP and after a the family meets the  criteria, they are allowed to adopt. This screening process is very important to insure that the  dogs are placed in a non-abusive home. Part of the criteria is that you must have a fenced-in  yard. Greyhounds live to run, so a fenced yard is a must. There is an adoption fee of $260.00.  This includes air transportation, DHLPP, rabies shots, spaying or neutering and a complete  Adoption Package.

If you've ever had any contact with a Greyhound, you'll never forget it. These dogs are so  docile  and sweet, You'll fall in love before you even know what hit you. The Ohio chapter take some  of the dogs to local pet stores here in N.E. Ohio, and I've had the chance to meet some of the  adorable "adoptees" as well as some that are waiting for families. A greyhound is never really  happy unless someone is loving them. The dogs at the store were in absolute heaven  because so many people were petting them.     Some people have this misconception that because when they race they have muzzles on,  that it's because they are vicious. Greyhounds are the total opposite. They're a very gentle  breed. They are not "high strung" or "ill tempered". They're also better with children than  some of the other breeds. The greyhounds are also kennel broken, so housebreaking is very  easy, and it's not unusual for them to already be completely housebroken.

Main Headquarters:   National Greyhound Adoption Program  8301 Torresdale Avenue  Philadelphia, PA. 19136  USA  Telephone: 800-348-2517 or 215-331-7918  FAX: 215-331-1947

Affiliate NGAP Groups:  NGAP Virginia  Sam and Gay Latimer  Telephone: 757-486-7956

NGAP of NW PA  Glenn and Ruth Sprague  PO Box 10002  Erie, PA 16514  Telephone: 814-456-4969

NGAP of Ohio  Larry Prather  330-928-6096

NGAP of Delaware  Terry and Leroy Myers  302-697-1479