Adopting the perfect puppy

Tips for adopting the perfect puppy! It takes a little thought and handling of puppies but you too can find that perfect puppy for your family. I have a few little hints to help with your decision.


If you are thinking of adopting a puppy

you'll need to first think of the responsiblities involved in having a dog. First of all step back and consider that this will be a challenge and also consider the seriousness of this move. To successfully adopt the perfect puppy for your household here are a few helpful hints:

Now you'll need to consider do you want a mixed breed puppy or a puebred. Some people, even veterinarians maintain that mixed breed pups make better family pets because they have calmer temperaments and are more adaptable. Other people

disagee and point out that with a purebred pup you know the background, can tell the size of the adult dog, etc. beforehand. So this is a decision that only you and your family can make.

If you want a purebred puppy think about where you might want to pick to obtain it, a pet shop, from a puppy mill, from an individual listed perhaps in the paper, one from the American Kernal Club members, etc. A good breeder will take the time to tell you how the puppy was raised and also how he was socialized during those important early weeks of growth. You can also meet the parents of the puppy before deciding. This way you will get a realistic picture of what the puppy you pick will look like and also his temperment. A good breeder will also want to stay in touch with you after purchase to see how the puppy is thriving in your home.

Then you have the option of going to a local animal shelter, here you won't have the breeder's information so you have no idea what the experiences of the puppy were during the early weeks of life. Also consider disease spread in shelter and you can obtain a pup with disease

or perhaps you'll luck out and pick a healthy wonderful dog, consider takng this chance as you may have years of love from the pup you pick.

Don't let anyone tell you that a male is a better dog than a female, it is just not true, it depends on the love, care and the individual puppy to determine this. Usually female dogs are smaller than males and tend to mature more uickly. Remember the way you raise your pup makes him his own individual, the time and the love you put into him pays off and reaps many rewards. Each pup is an individual. You'll need to get the pup that will grow into the size dog you'll want. Perhaps you live in an apartment and only need a smaller dog, check out the breed and size before bringing this pup home.

Try to match that pup to your personality and needs for a breed of dog. Perhaps you are a low key individual who might find a very high strung dog hard to handle or just the oppiste. Think about this before deciding on the perfect dog for your family.

Most dog fanciers say one dog or another is best, depending on the breed they are selling. Just think about this, the high spirits and self-assurance of many male dogs leads them to dominate weaker owners, especially in larger breeds as the males are bigger and stronger. They will also exert more independence than females, espeically in those early times of obedience training.

No matter what when you go to look at the pups, either mixed breed or purebred, you'll just look into the eyes of the perfect pup for you and then bring him home. Trust your judegment in getting a pup and you'll have years of love