Buying two puppies at once

Buying two puppies at once is a good thought in that you can give your pets buddies. Learn what having two puppies means opposed to having just one.


When you enter the kennel or pet store to find which puppy you want to take home,

you may be tempted on many occasions to take more than one puppy home with you. You’ll see all their adorable faces and may not be able to resist the temptation to go home with more than one of them.

But you need to be cautious about the desire to have two new puppies around the house rather than just one. There are many negatives about raising two puppies at the same time. The first and the worst is that two puppies who grow up together will become very close. They’ll be closer with each other than either will be with you. That’s just a fact. They’re dogs, you’re not. We’re drawn to our same kind.

And because of this fact, you will have a difficult time training. When you are trying to set a rule and let the dogs know what is good and what is bad, they may not listen to you. Or if one does listen to you, you need to be prepared that if the other isn’t, then the one who does listen to you may quickly turn to continuing the bad behavior like its friend does rather than listening to what you’re saying. You get lost in the shuffle.

With one puppy you will be able to more effectively bridge that gap between dog and human much better than you would be able to do if there are two dogs in the house. With one puppy you can most easily train your dog to be the kind of dog you want it to be. You can teach it in whatever manner you want. But if you have two or more puppies to train at once, you’re more or less teaching them on their terms. You lose a bit of control.

Having two puppies in your home, however, does provide your pets with a playmate. These dogs can grow together and learn about life together. They'll explore each other and your home. They'll learn from each other. This can be good and bad. On one hand, if one puppy is learning how to be potty trained more quickly than the other, the other can get up to speed perhaps more quickly by watching its friend and how it does it. On the other hand, they can bring each other down and hold each other back with training. If one is learning about life at a good swift pace, it might see how the other isn't doing what it's doing so it might stop learning so quickly. Having two puppies in the house of similar ages tend to cause them to learn and grow at about the same pace.

If your two dogs aren't the same age, the older one typically take a big sister role. The younger one will rely on the older one when learning to do basic things.

The other main thing you need to keep in mind when having more than one dog around the house is that you won't be as close to either dog as they will be to each other. If you're looking for a friend to cuddle up with, you may not get as affectionate as a dog, if you have two dogs in the house.

Further, two dogs in the house tends to be a very loud experience for some. Remember, they won't always get along. There will be many times when your dogs will argue and fight and will bark at each other. You need to have the patience to let them work things out on their own, but still have the wherewithal to step in if things get incredibly out of hand.