Safety: dogs and children

Teach your child the importance right now of being safe with your pet dog.


In many countries now, dog attacks are becoming an increasing problem.

Not only are these attacks caused by strangers dogs, but more than often it is our much loved family pet that attacks our own children right in our home.
How can we protect our children from these attacks? Are our children really safe with our pet dog?

The first thing that we need to do is to train our child to have the proper respect for our pet dog. Small children especially should never be left alone for a long period of time with our dog unsupervised.

It is a natural thing for a small child to want to play with our pet dog. However this can be a stressful time for our dog, especially if our child does not leave him or her alone. Some dogs don’t like to be touched or poked all the time, and will react if they have had enough. Don’t allow your child to do to their dog what you would not want them to do to another child. We wouldn’t want our child to continually kick or poke other children, so why allow them to do that to our dog?

If we see our dog trying to get away from our child, don’t let our child follow it continually. Allow the dog to have it’s own space at times. As parents, we need to be consistent in this, so that both the child and the dog can see that we mean hat we say.

Our children can learn from an early age how to care for our pet dog. Teach them the importance of praise, and build up our dog’s trust in our child.

Also needed is effective training of our pet dog. How can we do this?

Remember that praise works far better than punishment. If our dog behaves well with our child, then praise it for doing so, even reward it with a biscuit etc. This will have far greater effect on the dog.

If we have a new dog in our house, it may need time to adjust to our child. This is why we need constant supervision to see how our dog reacts to our child.

Teach your child never to pat a stranger’s dog without asking permission from the owner first. It is a natural thing for our child to want to pat or hug a dog, however we will not know if a strangers dog is aggressive or not, so the wise thing would be to not allow our child to do this to dogs that they do not know.

Our children can benefit a great deal by having dogs as pets, it teaches them responsibility of caring for others, as well as showing proper respect for others.

By our being careful with both our pet dog and child, we as parents can provide our children with happy memories of owning a pet for when they grow older.

So by following through on these basic safety ideas then our children will be safe with our pet dogs.