Where to buy your puppy

Puppies are for sale at many different places in your neighborhood. Learn how to know which places are the best to buy a puppy.


When you try to decide where to buy a puppy,

that’s ultimately the first decision you’ll make in the life of your new pet. It’s important that you do this carefully. You want to buy from a place that you trust and you want it to be from someone who has high-quality, healthy animals.

There are many different types of places where you can buy puppies. They range from pet stores to breeders to your neighbor whose dog just had puppies to a puppy mill. The choice is yours.

Pet stores can be good and bad. Many pet stores are very reputable dealers who get their animals from top breeders. These pet stores know how to care for animals and only want the best for them. Other pet stores, however, are only concerned with the bottom line. For this reason many people choose not to buy animals from pet stores, because they may have gotten the animals from an inexpensive, unhealthy source. The facts are that you really don’t know where the animals came from.

Your neighbor may be a good place to start. If you see a dog that you happen to like in your neighborhood, you might want to ask its owner whether they plan to breed the dog or where they got it. They may be able to point you to the name of a good breeder of that particular breed in your area. Also if your neighbor happens to have animals for sale, they are people you trust and you know how well they treat their animals. After all, you’ve lived next to them and observed their behavior first hand.

A breeder is perhaps the most highly recommended place for people to buy puppies. You want a knowledgeable breeder who seems honest and truly cares for the animals. Breeders have raised the breed for a long period of time and likely have both parents available for you to see. (That way you can see what the animals will likely grow up to look like and how healthy the whole family is.)