How to find a local dog breeder

Ideas on how to check out the reputations of local dog breeders. Contact the American Kennel Club, check pedigrees, and bloodlines.


Purchasing a dog should be a big step in anyone's life.

If you are purchasing a purebred, there are a lot of things that you need to know. Make sure that the local dog breeder that you are working with is a reputable one. How do you do this? Read on!


Contact your American Kennel Club. Their address is American Kennel Club, 5580 Centerview Drive, Raleigh, N.C. 27606-3390. Ask about the breeder. Ask about his/her dogs, bloodlines, pedigrees, and reputation. This will not insult any reputable breeder. In fact, they should suggest that you do this!


Visit the local breeders place of business. Check out the condition of the dogs on site. Are they clean? Well loved? Well fed? Well sheltered? Do they exhibit all of the qualities that you want to see in your puppy?


Call local breeders' groups. Ask about the breeder's reputation and dogs. Ask if he/she has gotten positive or negative feedback from previous customers.


Call local dog trainers. Have they worked with this breeder? Ask what they can tell you about his/her reputation. Do they like the dogs that they have worked with from this breeder's litters?


Ask to meet some of the dog breeder's former clients. Are they happy with the service that the breeder provided? Do they feel that the dog that they purchased was indeed, from good stock?


Call your local vet. He/She will be a great unbiased source of information. Generally speaking, the only interest a vet will have in local breeders is seeing that they are treating their animals well, producing quality litters, and finding proper homes for their pups.


Be very wary of pet store puppies. Many of these are bred in puppy mills and are not quality dogs. Research a pet store following the same guidelines that have been provided for researching a local breeder. Don't accept a low quality dog at a quality purebred's price!


Read up on the breed that you are planning to purchase. Know what size your dog's bitch and sire should be. Know what their confirmation and coloring should be. Then, be sure to ask to see both the parents of your prospective puppy. Are they champions? Have they won any awards? What type of temperments do they have? These are all questions that your local breeder should be able to answer.

Don't rush into the purchase. Research your puppy! If you are planning to add a member to your family, then be sure of what you are getting. Don't let sleeping dogs lie! Ask questions and get the answers you need to make an informed purchase.