Raising dogs as pets

Raising a dog as a pet needs proper care and training both by the owner and with the help of veterinarians.


Before adopting a dog,there are many basis that a person must check in determining the kind of training that a pet is to be raised.

First,he must evaluate the kind of lifestyle that he lives. Whether it is more of an active or simple type,these determines if an owner still has the time to take care of the dog.Another thing is if there is enough and suitable room for the pet to live in. Other basis includes who has enough time to take care of the dog and an owner must also have enough money to cover the dogs' expenses.

           Upon adoption, a puppy must be examined by a veterinarian for check-up. This is done to protect the pet from diseases and be able to detect a disease earlier,if there is one.Vaccinations are one means of protection from diseases. An example is a shot for protection against rabies,a virus which can be transmitted from contact with an infected dog. It is fatal since it attacks the nervous system. The puppies must also be examined for intestinal roundworms,since it mostly affects them. The veterinarian takes a sample from the dogs'stool and inspects it for roundworms. Once he finds there is, he then gives the puppy medicines to take orally for exterminating the parasites. Having intestinal worms weakens the puppy's strength and result in health failure.

             A dog owner must also make sure that his pet would be given daily with three basic requirements. These includes eating amount of nutritious foods,drinking fresh, clean water and exercise the dog's health. Depending on the type of breed the dog is classified,it also needs to be properly groomed. Most of it applies to long-haired dogs. Having a dog take a bath is only necessary when they get dirty. However,it all just depends on the decision of the owner.

              Another important part in raising a dog is training. Some owners train a dog by housebreaking. They place newspapers on a surface and teach the dog to urinate and defecate there until it learns to do this outside the house. Teaching dogs to obey instructions also requires the owner to allow the dog do the right commands and correct the wrong ones. He must never be too hard on the dog and avoid striking it.