Healthy Dog , simple tricks for dogs

Here are several simple tricks to improve your your dogs health and appearance.


Is your dog's coat dull and flaky?

Do their ears flop lifelessly and does their breath have a thick smell? Starting with the ground up, Tums for calcium and proceeding to anchovy oil, there are many things to spruce old Fido up. As the old adage goes "you are what you eat," well it holds true for dogs as well.

For some perfectly balanced dogs, a normal diet of a good quality dry dog food will suffice, and hold up a shiny coat, strong bones, and take them for a long life. However, the majority of dogs could use some supplements and vitamins. So how do you know what to give them?

If your dog's ears are very floppy, and the cartilage near the top of their head is squishy, they probably have a calcium problem. The easiest and safest way to solve a calcium problem is Tums x-tra. Buy a large bottle of the chewable tablets, and give the dog two in the morning and two at night. Most dogs will lovingly accept the pills, however if not, ground them up and sprinkle them on the food.

If their coat is dull, and full of dandruff, they don't have enough oil in their diet. Canola oil will work, however most dogs don't fancy this in their food. So good alternatives consist of such things as the grease from breakfast, or the oil that is used to preserve garlic or anchovies. Pour about a fourth a cup into the dogs food twice a day, and within three weeks their coat will be shiny and lustrous.

If your dog is depressed, or overwhelmed by a new situation, honey is the most natural elixir. Place a teaspoon of honey onto your finger, and allow the dog to lick it up: the sugar serves as an electrolyte and perks the dog up. Honey is also a good supplement for bad breathe.

Tearing eyes is a hereditary trait. If you dog has light fur, which gets frequently stained, there is a simple solution. First wash the dogs face and affected area very well, then pat it dry. Next brush hydrogen peroxide onto the area, pour a bit into your hand and rub it in. Leave this on the fur until the dog's next scheduled wash. If you repeat this process everyday soon enough your dog's fur will be problem free.

If your dog sleeps too much, a lack of essential vitamins is often the problem. A quick fix to such a problem is to crush up a multi-vitamin and sprinkle it in their food. Then afterwards, make sure to feed the dog cut up fruits and vegetables daily in order to keep their health up. A dog's toenails are often a telltale sign of nutrition. If your dog's nails are strong, but not brittle, they are well nourished.

A dog needs their teeth brushed just as much as a human. However, dogs can't digest toothpaste, so what to brush with is always a dilemma. Dip the dog's toothbrush in baking soda, then lather it up slightly. Now hold the dogs mouth open by placing your finger where the teeth stop, and make slow straight motions over the teeth to remove any plaque.

If your dog has a flea problem, fix it with chemicals and sprays that are on the market, however while you are remedying the problem, a half a Benadryl every four hours will cause the itching to subside. If any of the above problems seem to get out of control, consult your veterinarian for only they can suggest more drastic solutions.