Golden misri hen rearing is the best farming at home

Livestock experts say that raising golden misri chickens is an excellent form of farming at home.


Golden misri hen rearing is the best farming at home

These best-tasting Golden misri hens are capable of laying 170 to 200 eggs a year by adding leftover kitchen utensils such as raw vegetables, leaves, etc., and leftover bread and some commercial food.

With a little effort, these Golden misri chickens can be reared. These Golden misri chickens can meet the needs of eggs and meat as well as increasing household income.


Golden misri hen

For large-scale rearing of these Golden misri chickens, a place should be selected which is not bean infested and has proper drainage.

The indoor environment of the poultry shed and the shed should be maintained in accordance with the principles of hygiene. The roof of the shed should be such that the sun cannot enter it and the birds should be protected from the rain. Poultry needs pots for grain and water for better growth. The use of these pots keeps the shed clean. Poultry should also be vaccinated.

Most of the friends ask if we are doing a job, tell us about a side business that has a profit of 25 to 30 thousand. An idea came to mind to be shared.

If the house has a space of 400 square feet, ie 20 feet by 20, even if it is on the roof, then 200 Golden misri chickens can be easily reared. One hour before going to work and two hours after coming from work and this work can be done by other members of the household and can help your boss and increase income.

The annual cost of two Golden misri hens is three lakhs if domestic food such as wheat, maize, millet, etc. along with some medicine and if 150 eggs are laid daily and one egg costs 12 rupees (while 20 eggs in winter and 15 eggs in summer). ) So the annual income is Rs. 657,000. If you spend Rs. 300,000, then the monthly income is Rs. 29,750.

Note: - Food wheat, millet, maize is stated at Rs. 1500 per quintal. It is available in the market at Rs. 1200 per quintal and less in season.

Is Golden misri Farming Useful in Pakistan? It will be better for meat or eggs

Hens are kept only for the sake of eggs. after winter hens stops giving eggs.

Features of this Golden misri:

  • 1 = male. Average weight 2.6 to 3.6 kg per female
    Eggs start at 20 = 2 weeks of age
    3 = Egg average 80-90%
    4 = brown egg
    5 = Egg weight 50-60 grams
    6 = More strength to fight the disease
    7 = Golden, misr, Indigenous rooster / food as much as chicken / medicine / vaccine / maintenance and preparation cost

The world's most famous breeds for the best meat and egg production.