Do you know what to feed your dog?

Do you find your pet is having a hard time digesting his dog food? Are you feeding your dog food with beef additives?


From the very day you bring home that bundle of fur, and worry if you are feeding your pup right, make sure you leave out beef in his or her diet.

Beef is harder to digest and can cause gastrointestional problems in dogs that lack tolerance. They cannot digest it properly and the dogfood manufacturers are not going to tell you. If they did you wouldn't buy their product. Canned dog food when given by itself acts as a laxative because of it's richness and gravy properties.

Dry is best and if you need to feed your dog canned, just mix a few tablespoons in the recommended feeding of dry for your pooch.

Lamb and Rice Formula or Chicken and Rice are the best formulas to feed your pet. Chicken and Rice formulas are  also much easier to digest and won't cause stomach problems.

Dogs that constantly eat beef in their diets can acquire irritable bowel syndrome. Then is when your dog gets diarrhea from not being able to digest the food properly. A veterinarian will have to give your dog medication to help control his bowel functions, and the healing process.

And be especially sure that when you buy Lamb and Rice, or Chicken and Rice Dry Food, that there aren't any by-products and artificial ingredients in there. Most dog foods have chemicals that you don't need your dog eating.

Read the label and buy a brand of dog food from a reputable dog food dealer. A brand like Iams is your best bet and can also be purchased through your veterinarian and most stores now also carry Iams and other brands that will keep your dog healthy and satisfied.