Training your dog with a choke chain collar

Choke chain training collars can be an excellent training aid when dealing with dogs and puppies. Improper use can cause pain and injury to your pet.


Many abhor the idea of using a choke chain collar on a dog for training.

Whether it is the name itself or a misplaced idea of what constitutes cruelty, these people are losing out on an excellent training tool.

Choke chains should be used for training only. They are not meant to be a regular collar for everyday wear.

In fact, they can cause serious injury to young, growing puppies by becoming too small and the skin on the neck growing around and over it. This occurs because the owner wasn’t observant enough to see it happening and the puppy now has to go through a painful surgical procedure to remove the embedded collar.

Training your dog with a choke chain collar

With any collar there should always be at least two fingers of room between the neck and the collar. Puppy owners need to check this on a weekly basis.

When purchasing a training or choke chain collar, make sure you get the correct size and width. Many pet stores will now allow you to bring your puppy in to be fitted at the store. This eliminates the guesswork and if you have any questions, an employee can almost always assist you in finding the collar you need.

Once you have your collar, it is important to know how to put it on. There is a correct way of doing this!
Using your own wrist as a guinea pig, slide the chain through one of the end loops on the collar so it will make a circle. Slip this circle onto your wrist. When you pull it taunt, the part of the chain with the free loop should come across the top of your wrist.

If you are still not sure if you have it correctly placed, yank on the free loop and let it go. If the collar tightens onto your wrist but immediately loosens up, you have done it correctly. This allows you to give a corrective tug on the collar, release the tension and be able to pull again if necessary.

If the collar doesn’t release, it is probably because the loop comes from under your wrist. If allowed to stay on a pet in this manner, it can become abrasive and cause hair and skin problems in the area. It also takes away your ability to correct your pet and then reward him for acceptable behavior.

Choke chain training collars are a training aid and should not be used as the only form of training. Use of these collars should be kept to a minimum and positive reinforcement training should always be used in conjunction with them.

Positive reinforcement simply means to reward your pet’s desired behavior with lavish praise and edible treats. An over abundance of punishment types of training can often teach your dog or puppy one simple fact. You, the owner, are someone to avoid and fear.