Understanding Dog Body Language

Dogs have had their own language, a way of talking and showing aggression for many years. Learn the signs and what they mean when he wags his tail, or when he raises his hair on his back.


Have you ever noticed what your dog is trying to tell you when he squats down and shows excitement?

Chances are he is wanting to play with his master. Since we know that dogs can't talk, they have their unique ways of telling us what it is they want and expect from us.

Communication between master and dog is very important. If you cannot communicate with your dog, chances are you will not get him to abide by your commands.

Dogs wag their tails to show they are happy, but it also can be sign that they are showing aggression shortly after.  You need to watch your dog carefully and try and interpret just what your dog actually is trying to say to you. You can watch as he uses his language techniques on other dogs and this way you will know what his usual type of behavior is.

If your dog has his hair standing on his back, chances are he's not sure of the situation that is at hand. Another way to tell is his ears are drawn back on his head.  If his hair is not standing up and his ears are in a normal position, you can rest assure that he doesn't feel threatened by people or his surroundings.

If he stiffens up his body and shows his teeth, chances are he is showing aggression to his surroundings. Therefore it is up to you to remove him from this situation and take control of your dog.

When you talk to your dog and he barks, he is trying to communicate with you by telling you he wants something.  If you listen carefully and respond with the correct language, chances are you and your dog will understand each other and have a relationship that will last forever.