Dog accessories

Learn about dog accessories. When you buy a dog, you'll also need a slew of other supplies.


When you are buying a dog for the first time, you might not realize all that is involved. Owning a dog is not simply about getting a dog, feeding it, and loving it. There’s more to it. You need to make sure you have the right supplies on hand to take care of your new pooch.

For example, what will the dog eat and drink out of? Will you give it one of your own bowls to use, or should it have its own dishes so it won’t break one of the human dishes? It’s just one thing you need to keep in mind.

Another item is a bed. Many people choose to let their dogs sleep with them under the covers at night. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what happens when your dog is wanting a place to sleep or take a nap in the same room where you’re working or watching television? Many people get a bed for their dogs so they have a good place to go when it wants to take a nap or simply get some privacy and be alone for awhile.

You may also want to get some baby gates. If you are going to expect your dog to stay only in the kitchen when you’re gone while you’re in the process of housebreaking it, you’ll need to get baby gates to keep it in.

And you can’t forget the leash and collar. You need to make sure it has something to wear around its neck, which will contain its identification charm and have a place to latch its leash onto when you’re ready to take it for a walk.

You’ll probably want to get your pet some toys, too. Toys are important for dogs, as this gives them something to chew on that’s actually acceptable by you to chew on. When your dog tries to chew on something belonging to you, you can give it its chew toy to ruin rather than something more important.