These Are the Most Laid-back dog breeds

A look at several breeds of dogs that could be considered laid-back including the St. Bernard, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Bulldog, Basset Hound, and Pug


Dogs temperaments vary not only from breed to breed, but also from dog to dog. Personalities are as different in dogs as they are in people. One breed can contain both docile and aggressive dogs. Environment will play a part in the dog’s temperament also. When looking for one with a laid-back attitude, there are breeds that fit the description more classically than others do. Start your search within these breeds that are often considered calm, and you will be sure to find a dog that defines cool and composed, especially if you bring them into a loving environment that is ready to provide the time to raise a dog as part of their family.

Laid-back dog breeds

St. Bernard

A St. Bernard dog may be considered by many large to the extreme. With an average height at the shoulders over two feet in both females and males, they are still the quintessential ideal of laid back. Calm, quiet, smart, and strong, their movements do not match their size. If it were necessary to pick one dog above all the others that truly describes laid back, the St. Bernard would win with zero effort.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are often considered boisterous, especially as puppies, but they have the potential to be very laid back. Taking on the temperament of their surroundings, if they are raised in a quiet environment, they learn to reflect that in their actions. Smart to the extreme, they are often taught jobs such as guide dogs to the blind.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are easy-going by nature, and though often used for the hunting sports, are very docile. They are quite smart, also used often for guide dogs to the blind. Golden Retrievers do require quite a bit of exercise, as all dogs do, but they more than the average dog. Their coats require above average brushing, and require grooming on a regular basis. Still, they can be very good family dogs.


Bulldogs are one of the most misaligned dogs. Their looks are very deceiving. So sedate and laid back, they are versatile enough to live in small quarters such as apartments. Calm and collected is a much better description than the ferocious that many think of when hearing their name.

Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are the picture image of laid back and included here because they can be quite charming and docile. They do live up to their famous noses though, and will wander if in search of a good scent. They are great with children and family situations in general, and are often considered silly by those looking for a very serene dog. Still, if you want a dog that is both content to lay quietly while being scratched or petted, but would also like a dog that is willing to chase a ball around the yard with the children, you can’t go wrong with a Basset Hound.


Pug dogs are small as far as the laid-back dogs listed here go. Toy sized, they are easy to train, lovable, and though they enjoy play, they love to be settled into a lap for endless hours of petting. According to a friend, the word pug means several different things in different languages, but one translation is ‘someone tenderly loved’. For their enduring patience and contentment with nearly any situation they find themselves in, it would be a worthy translation.