Choosing a husky puppy breeder

Tips on finding a reputable Husky Breeder.


Picking a pure Husky Puppy Breeder

When choosing a Husky puppy breeder, you want to make sure that the breeder is reputable.  First, you should see how the breeder interacts with you.
A good breeder will not just sell one of his puppies to the first "Joe" who walks in off the streets.  The breeder will require a bit of information from you first.  If he doesn't

or seems unusually eager to sell the puppies without asking you any questions that is a sign that this may not be the best breeder for you.  Some questions a reputable breeder may ask you are:

husky puppy

1.  Why do you want a Husky? Do you have other dogs?

2.  A good breeder will inquire about your choice of the veterinarian, if you have other pets, they may want information regarding the current veterinarian you have.  A reputable breeder will not want to sell you a Husky if you will not take the proper steps to safeguard its health.

3. They may want to know about your living situations, do you rent or own; how much land do you have; where will the dog stay; things of this nature.  If you rent, they may require proof, from your landlord, that the dog is allowed
to live with you.

4. You may also need to explain who will be the primary caregiver of the Husky, and you should be prepared to answer any questions regarding your new pet's daily schedule, routines, etc.

Now that we have those out of the way, here is what you should look for when choosing a good Husky breeder.

Don't forget that there are specific characteristics that apply to the Husky breed, so it is also a good idea to read some books pertaining to Husky's and their traits before you begin your search for
your perfect pet and begin the process of choosing a breeder.

A respectable Husky breeder will love the dog as part of the family.  You should see if the puppy appears that it has been kept indoors with love and attention.  Choose a puppy that is friendly and outgoing, not one who seems to be intimidated by strangers.  A puppy that is shy hides his tail, or running away from you is not a good choice.  These behaviors may be indicators that the puppy has been mistreated or neglected or that the distrust you are seeing displayed is in his genes and won't change. 

Also, make sure that the puppy has been  Vaccinated and that the breeder has the puppy's medical records.  It is very important to have proof that the breeder has met all of your puppy's medical needs.  Ask to see the puppy's parents and observe their housing facility.  Ask to see where the puppy has spent most of its time, and also observe the conditions of your puppy's first home environment. 

Look for cleanliness, toys, anything which can give you an idea about the breeder's care of the puppy. Ask to see what kind of puppy food the breeder has been feeding the puppy.  Ask yourself it is a premium brand, is it designed specifically for puppies, make sure they aren't feeding the puppy adult formulated food.

The breeder should know the characteristics of the Husky breed like the back of his hand. The breeder also should have had the parents genetically tested for any health concerns, and your puppy should be healthy and free from any genetic health-related illnesses.