How to break bad habits in dogs

This article is about breaking bad habits that your dog has learned in dog training tips



Chewing is a bad habit that is not only destructive but can be dangerous to your dog as well. Puppies will naturally chew because they are teething. If the dog is older and still chews things, chances are he wasn’t taught when he was little. Dogs can ingest pieces of plastic or wood when they chew on inappropriate things which could cause blockages in their intestines. This could be life-threatening. Whether you are dealing with a puppy or an older dog the strategy is the same.

He will need close supervision, correction, and patience in order to learn that he can not chew on anything that is not his. To begin the process you will need to purchase some toys that the dog is allowed to chew on. Keep the dog crated unless you are watching him. When you let him out show him the toys. Watch carefully. If he attempts to chew on anything that is not his toy, go to him, get on his eye level and say, “No!” At this point, you may offer him an acceptable item that he can chew on. You must do this each and every time that he chews on something that is not his. With time and a lot of patience, you can break this destructive and dangerous habit.

break bad habits in dogs

Dog Barking

Dogs bark for many reasons. Most of the time their barking is intended to tell you something that they think you need to know. The important thing that they need to learn is that when they are told to stop, they should stop. There are a couple of things that you can try in this situation. Have a squirt bottle filled with water available. If the dog barks after he has been told to stop, squirt the spray bottle at him, right in his face. This is not cruel, it is only water but he will not like it and he will probably stop the barking. Another option is a loudly clapping your hands while you say, “No!” in a loud voice.

Dog Begging for Food

The best way to handle this behavior is to not let it happen in the first place. Never offer your dog treats or table food when you are at the table. If you get a dog that already has this habit it is best to just put the dog in another room while you are having meals.

Eating Feces

Dogs and puppies will sometimes eat their own feces or the feces of other dogs. This is a habit that you want to break immediately. Dogs can pick up worms and parasites from eating the feces of infected dogs. One very important thing that you can do is to always make sure that you pick up the feces as soon as possible. There are medications that you can purchase from your veterinarian that you can give to the dog orally that makes the feces taste very bad to the dog. After a few days on this medication, the dog should lose interest in eating feces.

Dog training takes a great deal of patience but the end result is a well-behaved pet that you will enjoy for years to come.