6 Things to ook for in a puppy breeder

Selecting a reputable breeder is as important as choosing the right puppy. Learn how to find a great dog breeder.


Buying a puppy from a breeder

is a decision that many dog owners make because buying from a reputable breeder is an easy way to increase the likelihood that you are taking home a healthy pet.  Contact with a dog breeder does not need to end on the day of purchase.  First time pet owners, or even owners who have never owned a dog from this particular breed, will need to maintain contact with the breeder over the first year.  Breeders should continue to provide information and advice on a range of topics concerning your new puppy.  It is therefore important that you select a breeder from which to buy your new puppy very carefully.

puppy breeder

It is best to interview potential breeders in person to find out if he or she meets the following criteria.  

1 Dog Heath

First things first, ask to see the dogs.  Of course, if the dogs are not well taken care of then you should immediately move on to looking for a different breeder.  The dogs in his or her possession at the time of your meeting should be friendly, well-fed, and provided with adequate shelter.  Take special interest in the dogs that are parents to your future puppies, as the parents are often provided an indication of what to expect from the puppies.

2 interview the puppy breeder

If the dogs check out, it is time to interview the breeder.  First of all, make sure the breeder is knowledgeable about the particular breed you are interested in buying.  This is important because remember, you might need to call him or her from time to time with questions or concerns.  The breeder should be able to provide a history of the breed, a list of personality traits, information regarding possible health risks for that breed, and even training advice.  

3 accommodate your needs

While you are interviewing the breeder, try to discern their attitude toward you.  Are they available to give you all the time you’ll need or are they rushing to get you out of there?  Would they mind receiving a few phone calls from you now and again?   If you don't feel comfortable talking to them and asking them questions then it is better that you seek out a breeder who is willing to accommodate your needs.  

4 additional assistance

Pay attention to how much the breeder seems to care about the puppies.  Does he or she ask you questions, request references, inquire about previous pet experience?  Or is the breeder acting more like a puppy-producing machine who wants to get the puppies out of there as fast as possible?  Breeders who are only in it for the money and who don’t care about the puppies will certainly not care to provide you with additional assistance should you need it.  

5 cares about his/her puppies

A breeder who cares about the well being of his/her puppies will be sure to provide new owners with complete medical records, a days’ supply of food, and a training book or packet.  If they live in your area, they should be able to give you a recommendation for an excellent veterinarian.  Other paperwork you should be sent home with an exact copy of your contract,  a registration application, a pedigree, and a health guarantee.  

6 Breed references

 Ask the breeder for references and check up on them before making a decision.  Happy customers would be happy to sing the praise of a worthy breeder.