Best Dogs to Own : Choosing The Right Breed

All dogs are not the same. Fall in love with a dog whose needs match up with what you are looking for in a pet.A person looking to own a purebred dog has a tough choice to make.


Here are seven types of best dogs to own

There are great dogs in so many different breeds. Here is a basic outline highlighting the characteristics and needs of each breed.

Best Dogs to Own

Herding dogs

Dogs from this breeding group make excellent guard dogs.  They were bred to be working dogs, so a herding dog needs to stay active for hours each day.  Take them on frequent walks and play with them outdoors.


Hounds are loyal and popular dogs that come in all shapes in sizes, from Beagles and Dachshunds to Greyhounds and Bloodhounds.  They are smart dogs who often learn commands easily but follow them only sporadically.  Hounds are easily distracted by their acute senses of sight and, especially, smell because they were bred to be hunting dogs.  To prevent a hound from running away it needs to be kept on a leash when it goes outside.  Otherwise, its senses will likely lead it on an impromptu hunt.  Many varieties of hounds also have a loud bark that they use often.

Nonsporting Group

Dogs in the nonsporting groups include well-known dogs such as American Eskimo Dogs, the Bichon Frise, Bulldogs, and Dalmations.  There exists such diversity within this group that a potential owner would be wise to look up characteristics of the specific dog breed rather than base a decision on the category to which that breed belongs dog belongs.  

Sporting dogs

As the name implies, dogs belonging to this group are very high-energy, athletic animals that need plenty of exercise and stimulation.  Sporting dogs are not lazy lap dogs; they were bred to assists hunters by finding a retrieving game.  Many of them make great pets because they are even-tempered dogs that get along well with children and adults.  Pointers, Retrievers, Setters, and Spaniels are all sporting dogs.


One of America’s most well-known dogs, Toto, belongs to this group.  His character provides a great example of what an owner should expect from a terrier.  They are feisty and assertive and highly intelligent dogs who never give up and never back down.  They cover quite a range of sizes, from small Carins like Toto to the rather large Airedale.

Toys Dogs

When people think of Toys, Poodles Chihuahuas are often the first dogs that come to mind, but the list of Toy dogs is actually quite a long one.  Toys were bred down from larger dogs from a variety of breeds.  You can get toy Greyhounds, Pinschers, Spaniels, Terriers and more.  Because of their diverse origins, toys different toy breeds exhibit a wide range of personalities.  Most of them don't need vigorous exercise and are small enough to take almost anywhere.  However, for this group, it is once again best to research the animal by breed, not the group to which that breed belongs.  

Working Group

Working dogs are usually quite large strong and sturdy.  They have been bred to carry out specialized tasks, such as pulling a sled or guarding other animals.  Most of them have thick fur and so prefer cold weather over hot.  Because these dogs were bred to work, they enjoy regular exercise, but many are otherwise laid-back dogs.