Fodder beet

Fodder beet is a root crop with a high yield potential.Fodder beet is commonly used for BCS gain and to grow replacements through the winter in farming systems with negligible winter pasture growth. Fodder beet is also used as a feed for lactating cows to fill feed gaps in late lactation a

Nutritive value

Fodder beet is a poor source of protein less than  7%. Dry matter content ranges from 14-22%. Fodder beet is a popular feed in Denmark and Netherlands for dairy cattle and young ruminants. In India now it is gaining popularity as livestock  feed.


fodder beet


Deleterious factors

Care is required in feeding cattle on high dry matter fodder beet since excessive intake    may cause digestive upsets hypocalcemia and even death. The digestive disturbances are probably associated with high sugar content of the  root.