Smooth Fox Terrier Pictures and Information

The Smooth Fox Terrier is an impressive dog that has an elegant appearance. The coat is short and should have a white base color, while the patches should be brown or black.


Smooth Fox Terrier Description

These dogs also feature a skull that tapers, and their ears should have the shape of the letter “V.” The tail should be docked slightly, and it should stand up instead of hanging down. The Fox Terrier has a number of attributes that makes it a skilled hunter. It has powerful jaws, sharp teeth, and strength. Most importantly, these dogs are courageous. The Smooth Fox Terrier has an impressive build, and the eyes should be small and dark in color. This breed was used in England to hunt foxes.

Smooth Fox Terrier


The Smooth Fox Terrier has explosive amounts of energy, and while they will play with children, they have been known to bite them. They are loving to those that care for them, and they can be protective. The Smooth Fox Terrier is a breed that is outgoing. They are proficient at performing tricks, and they are renowned for their loyalty around the world. If these dogs are not given the time to harness their energy, they can become problematic. Despite their size, the Fox Terrier is one of the most aggressive breeds in the Terrier family. They are quick to get into fights with dogs that are larger than them, and will attack other pets which are not canines.

Health Problems

Smooth Fox Terriers have been known to become deaf, and lens luxation is a problem as well. Owners will also want to watch for dislocated shoulders and cataracts. The Smooth Fox Terrier has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


If these dogs are placed in a decent sized yard, they can get all the exercise they need without the assistance of their owners. While these dogs can live in apartments, it will be the responsibility of the owners to make sure they get the proper amount of exercise. These dogs should never be unleashed in public, and should only be allowed to run free in an enclosed area.

Special Grooming Needs

The Smooth Fox Terrier has a coat that can be groomed without a lot of trouble. Owners will simply want to use a strong brush, and these dogs should only be given baths when they need it. The Smooth Fox Terrier will shed a standard amount of fur.