Pumi Dog Pictures and Information

The Pumi is a moderate-sized dog breed that is a member of the Terrier family. It originates in Hungary and will feature a rough coat that is gray in color.


Pumi Dog Description

The coat should have a curly texture, and while the outer coat may be rough, the undercoat is soft. One of the most distinctive characteristics of this breed is the ears. While the ears will sit high on the head, the tip should bend downward. The ears of the Pumi will be completely covered by the coat. The body of these dogs should have a square shape. The stop should be small, and the eyes should be small and dark in color. The Pumi is a small dog breed that has lots of energy.

Pumi Dog

Also Known As

Hungarian Pumi

Country of Origin



Despite the fact that the Pumi is a small dog, it can be protective of those it cares for. It is wary of strangers, and it is important for owners to make sure it is properly socialized while it is still a puppy. It has large amounts of energy and intelligence, and it may bark a lot. Owners can easily train these dogs by using incentives such as toys or other rewards. These dogs are ideal for families. However, they may not get along with other dogs or pets, so it is important for owners to train them. These dogs have consistently done well in obedience trials.

Health Problems

The Pumi may be susceptible to developing health problems such as hip dysplasia or patella luxation. Other than this, it is a healthy breed and will have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years. However, some of these dogs have even been able to live as long as 17 years.


The Pumi was bred for the purpose of herding and has extensive amounts of agility. Owners will want to make sure it is given an extensive amount of exercise. It will enjoy being taken for long walks, and owners will also want to let in run free in an open area. Because of their size, these dogs are excellent for apartment dwellers. The Pumi has been employed in a number of roles such as search and rescue, as well as hunting.

Special Grooming Needs

The Pumi needs extensive amounts of grooming. If the coat isn’t properly cared for, mats o