Pudelpointer Dog Pictures and Information

The Pudelpointer is a dog breed that originates in Germany. These are commonly used as pointers and are a mixture of the English Pointer and the Poodle.


Pudelpointer Dog Description

The Pudelpointer has a distinctive appearance. It is a moderate-sized breed that should weigh no more than 66 pounds, and it should have a maximum height of 26 inches. The acceptable coat colors for this breed are chestnut, liver, and black. The texture of the coat should either be thick, wiry, or harsh. These dogs were first bred in 1881 by Baron Von Zedlitz. He wanted to produce a dog that was a skilled tracker, retriever, and pointer. The Pudelpointer resulted from mixing the English Pointer with the Poodle.

While this breed has a number of desirable characteristics, it has never become very popular in either Germany or the United States. However, it has attracted the attention of bird hunters in Canada and the United States.

Pudelpointer Dog

Country of Origin



The Pudelpointer has a number of notable characteristics. It is highly intelligent, it is a skilled retriever, and it also loves to swim. It is a powerful hunter with a strong sense of smell. In addition to this, it is a great dog for the family. The Pudelpointer will display more characteristics that are commonly seen in the English Pointer rather than the Poodle because a large segment of its genes is comprised of the English Pointer. It has a number of attributes that make it an excellent dog for people who like to hunt.

Health Problems

The Pudelpointer is a healthy dog that does not develop any major health problems. In addition to this, there are no serious faults that are found with these dogs. The Pudelpointer will have a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


This is an active breed that will need extensive amounts of exercise. Owners will want to make sure they are frequently taken on long walks, and these dogs should be allowed to run and play in an open area that is secure. They should not be unleashed in an unsecured area, as their strong sense of smell may get them into trouble. These dogs will function best in places where they are given a large amount of space. These dogs may not be good for those who live in either apartments or small homes.

Special Grooming Needs

Owners will want to give this dog an average amount of grooming. The coat combed or brushed consistently, and these dogs should only be given baths when they need it.