Manchester Terrier Pictures and Information

The Manchester Terrier comes in two types, and these are the Standard or Toy. The Manchester Terrier is a miniature dog that has a head which tapers.


Manchester Terrier Description

The ears have the shape of the letter “V,” and the Toy version must have ears that stand up at all times. The eyes will be shaped like almonds, and they will be dark. The ideal Manchester Terrier will have a scissors bite, and the nose should be black in color. The back of the dog should have a small arch. The coat should always have two colors, and these are tan and black.

Manchester Terrier

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


The Machester Terrier is an intelligent and cunning breed. They enjoy learning and are easy to train. They make excellent companions for those who own them. They will try hard to please their masters, and they are highly agile. In dog shows the Manchester Terrier has traditionally performed well in obedience tests. It can be social, but it must be trained as a puppy so that it is not too aggressive. If these dogs are not properly trained, they may have a tendency to snap. There is debate about how well the Manchester Terrier gets along with other dogs. If it is like most other Terriers, it will easily get into fights. They should be socialized to children while they are puppies.

Health Problems

A number of Manchester Terriers may suffer from a condition called glaucoma. In addition to this, the breed is susceptible to a bleeding ailment which is called Von Willebrand’s disease. However, this condition is not common, and if the dog develops it, it can heal within a short period of time. Owners should also be careful not to expose them to large amounts of sunlight, as they may develop heat bumps. Despite these disorders, Manchester Terriers can live longer than 15 years.


The Manchester Terrier needs large amounts of exercise. While they can live in apartments, owners will want to take them for extended walks on a regular basis. You will also want to let them run off the leash, but this should only be done in safe areas. These dogs have lots of endurance and can run at a high speed for extended periods of time.

Special Grooming Needs

The Manchester Terrier has a coat which can easily be maintained. It needs very little grooming, and this is a great dog for older people. It sheds a standard amount of fur, while the Toy version sheds virtually none. You will want to make sure the ears are consistently cleaned, and the claws should be cut short.