Portuguese Podengo Pictures and Information

As the name implies, the Portuguese Podengo is a dog breed that originates in Portugal. This breed is broken down into three variations, and these are small, medium, and large.


Portuguese Podengo Description

The coat may either be smooth or wiry. The larger variation of the Portuguese Podengo is extremely rare. These dogs were bred to hunt, and are proficient in taking down small game such as rabbits or wild boar. This breed has existed since at least the 13th century and has been depicted in a number of reliefs from that time. Some desirable coat colors for this breed are light brown and white, and the ears should stand upright on the head.

While these dogs have lived in the United States for a number of years, they have not reached the same popularity that has been found in other foreign dog breeds. However, they have been registered by a number of dog breed organizations in the United States.

Portuguese Podengo

Also Known As

  • Podengo Portugues
  • Portuguese Warren Hound

Country of Origin



The Portuguese Podengo is an alert breed that is quick to warn its master of potential danger. They are cheerful and affectionate and will display large amounts of intelligence. This breed is great with children, and they will behave well with other dogs and pets. However, it is important for owners to make sure these dogs are socialized while they are puppies. While this breed features a strong bark, they will only bark when there is a good reason to do so. These dogs are diggers, and owners will want to make sure they don’t dig their way under the fence.

Health Problems

The Portuguese Podengo is a healthy breed that does not suffer from a large number of genetic health problems. While some of these dogs have been known to live for 20 years, the average life expectancy for this breed is about 16 years.


The Portuguese Podengo is an independent dog when it comes to exercise. If they are given a large enough yard, they can exercise themselves without the assistance of their owners. However, they don’t mind being taken for walks by their owners. While they may function well in an apartment, it will be the responsibility of their owners to make sure they are given the proper amount of exercise. These dogs love to dig, and if the fence that surrounds them isn’t secure, they may be able to dig their way under it.

Special Grooming Needs

Not much is known about the grooming characteristics of the Portuguese Podengo. Owners